snorkle and new exhaust where should i start for jetts? what are the OEM?

i have a mb200-2 with 200cc clone motor. i was having problems with water getting into my motor so i added a snorkel and a new air filter i am going to make a new exhaust next.

where should i start for jett size?

how do i adjust the pilot settings, is an emulsion tube like a pilot jett?

where do i buy jetts and emulsion tubes?

it runs like crap now with just the snorkel. the intake air flow has increased, now it is in a lean condition. runs good at WOT but wont idle nice.
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I think the OEM jets are .028. The pilot screw is often found with a plastic cap on it. When the cap is removed it may not even be slotted to accept a screwdriver. You shouldn't need to adjust it. You may have dirt or corrosion in the idle circuit. If I had your issue I would remove the carb and go crazy with a bottle of carb cleaner and compressed air. I would install a .035 jet and e tube then go from there.

Hopefully there are others who know more than you and I on the proper way to adjust that pilot screw if needed. I have 5 of these clone engines and never touched the pilot screw.
isn't there a vent in float bowl directly to the atmosphere?

adding a snorkel would alter the pressure relationship between the bowl and venturi.

or "B" am i off base???
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the snorkel is made from a filler neck for a ford. it is 1.5inch at least. i cleaned the carb and put a fuel filter on the tank.

thanks EVERYONE for all the help.

where can i find these jets i cannot find them on amazon, but, i am also not sure what to search for. what is this style of jet called. i can find jets for my ATC by the dozen for cheap and for the MB-200 honda clone i have only found 2 jets for $20 which is allot imop
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There you go with the jet kit.... .036. I'm currently "playing" with mine. I started off with my main at .033. I will be bumping up to .035 to see if there's any noticable change. Nothing wrong with it just experimenting with the mainly stock Coleman clone.
that^ is the jet kit i have seen. it seems to be way over priced! (IMOP) i can get 10 different main jets for my 200s for <$10. why are these jets so expensive if the motors are so common? (I suppose it is just supply and demand!?) i think i may have to bite the bullet and pay almost $20 for two jets (WTF).

does anyone know what the name is for this style of jet?

Can i just drill my current jet? or do i NEED that new emulsion tube from the OldMiniBikes kit to get it idling right?


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I agree with you about the price. You can open up your stock main jet if you have the right size drill bit. I opened up my main last night to .036. I didn't notice any difference while riding and may go back down to .033. I can do that because I bought extra jets from ARC. These are stock jets that you have to drill to the size you want. They also have the e tube for $7.

Not sure if the e tube would help with your idle issue. Probably worth drilling your jet then see if anything changes. You need a bigger jet anyway.

Still no help on that pilot screw?

Fuel Control & Delivery - Page 2 - ARC Racing
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