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  3. R

    Need Exhaust and Muffler for 1969 Rupp Digger - Tecumseh H50 Engine

    Looking for original lock nut, 45 degree 3/4 inch exhaust header and short muffler to fit a 1969 Rupp Digger with a Tecumseh H50 engine (5 horsepower).
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    Cutting welding bend for intake- and exhaust manifolds
  5. H

    Wtb ....Bonanza hodaka chrome original exhaust any

    Mark 412-277-5803
  6. noseoil

    Exhaust spring, borrowed from sixpac440's thread

    Here's how the die spring sounds in my bike. https://youtu.be/rIAXOJVS7WE
  7. N

    Is this exhaust too close to the carb?

    Hi, will the exhaust being this close to the carb do anything bad? Tom
  8. S

    WTB- Fox exhaust, caliper, anything else

    WTB, Caliper, exhaust for bike pictured
  9. B

    WTB mtd exhaust

    Looking for the slant exhaust and chrome pipe for the mtd. Thanks
  10. C

    Success w/ NR Racing Exhaust on MB200-2

    Just wanted to post up a happy coincidence. I had purchased a Stage 3 setup from NR Racing for the CT200u. I ordered the "mini bike downdraft style" header hoping it would work on the Coleman (no luck). But it fit like it was made for the MB200-2. A lot more clearance at your leg than the stock...
  11. OND

    Tecumseh Spark Arrestor Exhaust

    Just like the title says , original Tec. spark arrestor it does have some surface pitting and a few dings but is still a good solid piece. $50.00 shipped to the lower 48 only. First PM gets it !
  12. DeadPixel

    UT2 exhaust valve stem seal?

    Tried to transfer the valve seals from my BSP head over to my UT2 head and the exhaust valve stem seal dose not fit. It is not machined for it either. Do I not run one on the UT2 head?
  13. T

    snorkle and new exhaust where should i start for jetts? what are the OEM?

    i have a mb200-2 with 200cc clone motor. i was having problems with water getting into my motor so i added a snorkel and a new air filter i am going to make a new exhaust next. where should i start for jett size? how do i adjust the pilot settings, is an emulsion tube like a pilot jett? where...
  14. james ackerman

    Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!

    Looking for a header or really any type of exhaust that will vit my application. What's out there?
  15. j57little

    Sears Roper Exhaust Pipe/Muffler

    Looking for a pipe as seen in either of these images. Needs to be NOS or restorable to new condition.
  16. Latent

    Ported 22cc clone head, 27mm Intake, 24mm exhaust, ss steel valves, 26lb springs +++

    22cc clone cylinder head, will fit on predator non-hemi Fully Ported and Bead blasted Milled 65 thousandths to increase compression Lightweight Stainless Valves 27mm intake 24mm exhaust valve Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with stainless valves. 3 angle valve job Lash Caps 26lb...
  17. Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Need Suggestions for exhaust for Predator 212cc install on fox sundowner frame
  18. Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Need Suggestions for exhaust for Predator 212cc install on fox sundowner frame
  19. J

    Tecumseh exhaust locknuts

    I'm looking for 2 NOS Tecumseh H50 exhaust locknuts. The thick ones used on Rupps.
  20. B

    Mtd exhaust

    Looking for the exhaust for an mtd the one that sits over the rear fender.