Sprocket Alignment Issues

Alright, so I've just put the chain on my new chopper and I've the wheels on and the clutch all hooked up. But I noticed that while I was rolling it, I felt a small change in momentum every now and then. Then I realized when I got home that the sprocket hub is not concentric to the wheel!! :doah:

So now when I roll the tire, the chain goes from loose to tight, to loose, to tight. So frustrating. I don't plan to ride it in the near future until I've fixed it, but what would be the long-term effects of this?? Would the chain stretch/warp??

This may mean, I have to get a whole new wheel. Any suggestions??:shrug:
most likely the wheel i had same prob. on a new honda cr250 the bolt circle for the sprocket was not concentric with the bore for the wheel bearing,but you might have a bent shaft on motor making it act like a cam on your chain sorry i read your post again for sure not the shaft if motor is new try125cc advice first good luck!
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try clamping some sort of pointer on the frame so it just touches the sprocket on its high point when you spin the wheel, then loosen all the sprocket bolts but not too much, just so they are snug... spin the wheel and tap on the teeth of the sprocket at the low point with a piece of 2x4 or a rubber mallet until the sprocket starts to get more in round and then tighten it down good.... This usually works unless the wheel is out of round or bent or if the sprocket is bad.... It's worth a try before tearing the bike apart..