sprocket conversion?

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ok upgrading a doodlebug from the wimpy 97cc crap motor to a slightly built up 5 hp briggs flat head . want to get rid of wimpy 35 chain and use #40 anyone know where i could get a 6bolt sprocket or adapter to mount a #40 size sprocket?? ty gasgas
Keep in mind that a #40 sprocket will be a good bit larger than a #35 sprocket of the same tooth count (basically, 33.333...% larger OD, due to pitch difference). A #40 70T sprocket is nearly 3" larger in diameter than a #35 70T (OEM DB size, I think), so a #40 70T would be around 1.5" closer to the ground; the larger chain would further reduce ground clearance. A #40 52T sprocket is about the same diameter as a #35 70T.

Your comment about "today's" #35 chain being garbage is incorrect. EK Chains are still made in Japan for example and have been around for 70 years. They pioneered the use of O rings. I use their #35 chain almost exclusively.

Regina has been around for 100 years, and has been a world leader in quality chain in the European motorsports.

RLV made by Xtreme is a later addition, and made in America. Their #35 is also good, and I have used it in the past.