Stangrcr1's Open class TH/TB

Okay, I dunno if this is Trail Horse or Trail Blazer, but it will get built. I almost went for vintage class, but since I don't have a Tec for it, we are going open class.

Have my choice of motors, 5hp Briggs on the left or the old style(not hemi) Predator brand new in the box on the right. I want to use the TAV, so this could get interesting, especially with the swingarm and jackshaft...

I am missing one fender, and a seat, but have most all the other parts.

Finally I will have a full suspension mini!
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Oh Kenny, where are you....?????

I walked into the house from the garage and asked the wife "Pick a color", without telling her what for. She said blue, so blue it is. I get to pick the shade, but the bike will be blue. And white.
Good Luck Don, welcome to the fun! I like the Briggs option.:thumbsup:
Thanks, but the Briggs in question is in question. It is a bunch of spare parts slapped together. The PO should recognize it.... It was honed with new rings and a fresh valve job but I don't trust it. I am on the hunt for a 5hp Tec instead. And if the search doesn't prove fruitful, the old style Predator goes in.

One thing I am really going to need is footpegs. I don't even know where they are supposed to be. PO of the frame cut the original ones off and had some freeway pegs welded on up by the steering neck. I removed those, but need some pics of old TH/TB to figure out where to put them.
I was just thinking brakes, for some reason... :eek:ut:

The one jackshaft brake drum I have for a band style brake is just under 3 3/4" diameter. All the bands I see are for bigger. Any ideas?
A little mock-up...

And now you see why a clutch brake won't work. I plan on putting a brake drum on the jackshaft, as that is the easiest option for me. Unless someone has a TH brake drum for the rear wheel....

Comet TAV to jackshaft to wheel drive. One belt and two chains... Hmmm. Tav has a 41 sprocket on it. Either 41 sprocket on JS or 35 sprocket for TAV. What to do....

Has anyone put a lift kit on their mini? I just ordered some shiny longer shocks, and will sleeve the forks for a bit more travel.

Thinking I should get some 8" or 10" rims and tires....

I was also looking for some long footpegs like they have on dirtbikes. Actually looking for longer than they normally sell. All the ones I saw are maybe 3" and I want them longer. That or I have to space them out from the frame to clear the recoil and TAV covers.
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The more I look at that late model Briggs, the less I like it in there.

So I went browsing CL and found a tiller with what looked like an H50 on it. Went to meet the seller and under the mud on the blower housing I find H60. Hmmm. It wouldn't start but rolled over with compression. Bought it anyway and got it home. Put in a new plug and runs on starting fluid without smoke.

So now to attempt to shove an H60 into the TB... Looks like it will fit, but I will have to unbolt the motor to change the plug... Then there is the problem of the 1" shaft. I had a 1" Comet 30 driver, but it got shipped out to another member this morning... :doah:

Too bad I can't use the tank that came with it.

Then again, this H60 would bolt into the VT-7 frame that is awaiting it build turn. And the tank would be right for it.....

Dammit. :confused:

So now I sit here contemplating dropping the TB build and starting the VT-7 build. I don't want to build the TB with that Briggs, and I have been looking for an H70 for the VT-7, but hard to find. I think I should just build the TB and keep looking for an H50 for it.

No I am not building 2 at the same time. :no: :shrug: :rolleyes:
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It physically fits, but chain alignment is the issue. Cannot get it inside the swingarm from motor to jackshaft without the motor far to the right side. And chain outside puts it outside the frame and into the footpegs.
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So since I am going to build the TB/TH with the Briggs for now, lets see what parts I have laying around for it.

Brand new MaxTorq clutch.

Oh, and a Mikuni.... Probably too small for this motor, but that is good since it is all stock internals without a governor(thanks to PO)...

Anyone remember what I last used that Mikuni on?
Wanna race:thumbsup::thumbsup:
I see. After I sell the 390, you wanna go.... :laugh:

The Briggs is a bunch of spare parts from several motors. As such, I will be surprised if it lasts long.

After sleeping on it, it looks like I just may be building 2 bikes.... :doah: