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Well I got sidetracked by other projects for a while but finally got my pipe welded. Then added a custom tip. Runs and sounds great. Need to make a final part before I tear it all down for final paint and assembly. It needs a chain guard, so I'll fab up something as soon as I figure out a design. DSCN8194.JPG DSCN8195.JPG DSCN8193.JPG DSCN8196.JPG
Thanks a lot owend. I'm getting close to the end of this project, but it's not without a few problems. The new exhaust pipe is loud enough to mask the chain noise a little. I put a different fuel tank on to make sure the smoking was not the motor, but it still smokes a lot. I know the engine is in good shape because I had it apart and checked the ring gap and did a valve job. It runs strong and pulls well from a stop all the way to top speed. There's no oil or smoke coming from the vent hose in the valve cover. The only thing I can think of at this time is when I deactivated the governor, I removed the little plunger and cut the end of the shaft, leaving the rest of the shaft to hold the lever to attach my accelerator linkage. What I left in was the plastic gear spun by the gear on the crankshaft to operate the governor. I figured a little more oil slinging may benefit. I also removed the low oil sensor below it. Maybe it's spraying too much oil onto the bottom of the piston or forcing it into the valve spring area and it's going through the valve guides. In any case I'll finish making the chain guard and check the motor when I pull it all back down for painting. The videos I watched showing the removal of the governor also took that plastic gear out. I've overhauled hundreds of these motors in the 17 years I spent as a small engine mechanic at the city. Seems like every Briggs or Tecumseh engine we had was replaced with a Honda. I wanted everything standardized and got the best deals on Hondas in bulk. This is the first one I removed the governor and oil sensor from because we really needed them in all the city departments for obvious reasons. Anyway, thanks for following and liking my build. I like all the different projects on this forum and have plenty more in the works.
Found some time to work on a primary chain guard. First attempt didn't allow front protection from slinging chain lube. I think I have the final design. I made a cardboard template to check clearance. It's a little bulky, but so is my mechanism. It bolts under the outer plate using the same holes. Paint should help it to blend in. Now to make it out of sheet metal. I may need one for the final drive chain also. It would mount to the swing arm and be minimal. DSCN8208.JPG DSCN8209.JPG DSCN8211.JPG DSCN8212.JPG DSCN8213.JPG