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A buddy of mine was throwing out this old electric minibike carcass and I thought I would play with it until I come across a vintage frame. I took off the clip on bars with all the switches and junk levers. I cut the center tubes out and jacked up the top tubes to make room for a real engine. I'm leaning towards my GX120 Honda for power but I can use any number of other engines in my shed. I have a Kohler K91, Clinton 4hp, a Briggs 5hp, a Kohler 8hp, a Robin 8hp, and a couiple of Briggs 8hp to choose from. Probably stick with the Honda. I don't think this roller is worthy of a vintage or high hp engine. I have a comet drive setup, regular handlebars with risers, #41 chain and some sprockets. May use some mopes shocks. I'll post progress if I make any. DSCN8067.JPG DSCN8066.JPG DSCN8065.JPG
Some progress today. Modified the clip on brackets to mount some handlebars and made a kick stand. Put on temporary grips until I install a throttle. Bent some useless brackets out of the way that were restricting the turning. Aired up the tires. Much easier to push around. Need to get some more cut off wheels to eliminate about 20 more unneeded brackets. DSCN8088.JPG DSCN8089.JPG DSCN8090.JPG
Wow! What a beauty. I figured someone else had to use this frame before me. It's a natural starting point. I'll see how different I can make Mine.
Thanks for the compliments! If you aren't afraid to "reconfigure" the frame a bit, it can come out looking pretty cool. I had initially thought about going for a "Cafe racer" look on mine (and I still think it can work well), but the parts I had available led me to this setup. If you are interested, the build thread is HERE, and it may be helpful for you.

I got the frame ready for welding today after cutting off a dozen or more brackets. Next I'll cut out the base plate and fab up one that suits my engine. The frame top looks like it's slanting down in the rear, but it's really parallel to the base. DSCN8092.JPG
I would say your going to want to give the neck tube a little more angle so your forks aren’t as vertical give it a little more rake. 25 degrees is a good starting point
Okay, I got my 25 degrees back on the forks. Amazing how nice things line up when you square it. I have a cool old Elgin outboard tank that may look good, but I also have some small moped tanks I'm going to try. Stripped down my Honda 4hp to see how it fits. Lots of room on top. DSCN8093.JPG DSCN8094.JPG DSCN8095.JPG
The forks cleaned up pretty good. Chrome's not too bad. Rubber's good. The wheel and swing arm axles also in good shape as are all the bearings. Thinking maybe a high pipe will cover some of the space above the motor. Also may angle the front of the motor up some. DSCN8106.JPG
Was able to fab up the engine mounting plate this week. Got the wheels squared away with a 1/2'' pitch sprocket. And took the motor apart and removed the low oil sensor and governor. Going to lap the valves and keep the engine stock for now. DSCN8108.JPG DSCN8109.JPG DSCN8111.JPG
I fit a 42t sprocket to the original freewheel and was worried how it would hold up. TheRedlineBoss
said he was also concerned with it on his bike, but it's working well and I only have a 4hp motor. Thanks Rob.
My grandson welded my frame today and also went over all the factory welds that were just awful. Time to start another mock up. I also took one of the calipers apart to clean up, leaving one together for quick reference on reassembly. I'm leaving the top frame loop long for now. At least until I choose a fuel tank and make a seat. DSCN8112.JPG DSCN8113.JPG