StevieRay's - 69 Bonanza Chopper - (Just For Fun)

1969 Bonanza Chopper - Just For Fun Class
This was my Christmas present in 1969. I started customizing around 1973 but never finished.
It was stored in my Mom's attic for 40+ years until she passed away.
Thanks everyone for the inspiration!
Stevie Ray


The forks were silicon brazed back in the 70's. The folks at Quate Industrial in Durham, NC ground out the old brazing/re-welded and smoothed out the welds. IMG_1127.JPG IMG_1128.JPG
Motor was locked up from sitting 40 years. Finally got it to turn over with the help of Marvel Mystery Oil. New carburetor on the way.
I'll get it running before I paint, polish and chrome. IMG_1130.JPG IMG_1135.JPG
Thanks a lot Phil - The sheet metal and gas tank were done around 1973. One of my Junior High school friends had an older brother
that built custom chopper motorcycles as a sideline. We would hang out and they'd help us work on our stuff.