stovetop19's - Mini Stunter 125 - (Anything Goes)

Build Day 8

Another day done!!:blink::blink:

Here is what got done today...

1. Got the drive chain installed
2. Finished the 3rd and final engine mount
3. Got the Fork tubes capped off
4. Got the throttle, clutch and front brake fitted and cables/hoses installed
5. Built the front brake caliper mount.

Check out my photos and/or the video below!!:thumbsup:


Build Day 12

Build day 12, Got the foot pegs modified and mounted, also got the shift linkage set up and working!! I couldn't resist a little test ride!!:scooter: No fuel tank, so just a quick ride on the fuel in the float bowl:eek:ut:

Here are a couple of photos and the video!


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Build Day 14

Getting really close to the final parts of the build now!! On day 14, I got the "stunt cage" and the 12 O'clock bar/foot hold fabbed up and tacked on. Basically all I have left to fabricate is a fuel tank and the seat, and the materials are on order :hammer::grind:

I've been a little lazy and focusing more on getting videos up and not so much on getting photos posted, so my apologies there. But check out todays photos and the video, if you'd like, down below!


Build Day 17, The Final Reveal!

Hey guys! I want to say thanks for allowing this build into the build off and I hope you have enjoyed the videos as well as the pictures of the build. I have had a blast building this mini and cant wait for my future shinanigans on it!!:laugh:

Any way, here is the final reveal video, Ive got it and the entire build on youtube in addition to OldMiniBikes. Ill post the link to the video and the build playlist down below for anyone to view! Ill get pics up once my home internet is back up, for now Im just using my phone to get this post up:censure: