stovetop19's - Mini Stunter 125 - (Anything Goes)



Build Day 4

Build day 4 is done. Turns out my original wheel base length measurment was wrong:scared: So I now have to splice in another 5 inches into the already "finished" back bone tubes. So here is what I accomplished today....

1. Cut and weld the back bone tubes to the steering stem.

2. Cut my frame in half to lengthen it

3. Splice in additional 5 inches of tubing

4. Grind welds smooth

Check out my photos or the video below:thumbsup:


Your build is just great , love the fab work going on here . On your bender where did you get the return spring from ? I have the same cyclinder on mine and need a return spring .
Build Day 7

Got day 7 done!

Today I got the handle bars located and mounted. I also got the Engine mostly installed.

To install the handle bars, I was given some old mini bike triple tree top clamps that had removable handle bar clamps, they came from Ratbike228, a member here on OldMiniBikes. I just had to locate and drill holes in my top triple clamp.

The motor required alot of shimming and aligning, but once I had it where I wanted it, I used some flat stock and made brackets to secure it to the frame. I am also using some of the donor bikes frame to help speed up the fab time on the mounts.

See my photos or the video below.