t555trailblazer's - Bonanza powered by Chrysler……… Power bee 700 - (Vintage Class)

Guys sorry for the sloppy typing. My arthritis in s bad today. I mentioned to say for the OP to check some arborist forums for tips and tricks for adapting a rectangle port to a circular pipe. Thy build some wicked mean A double S saws. Most the old Homelite saws have the same port type. They build pipes for them...any way great build&great site.
Totally understood your first message. I do have a plan in place for the header. Sounds like you have some great experience and information. I look forward to talking to you.

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Got the fenders back today. Frame and engine mount getting painted this weekend. GM paint code 976. Frank Moore did a beautiful job on the engine!
Very much looking forward to Assembly!!!

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