Tav driven bearing plate alignment issues

i have a couple different TAV jackshaft plates that have both a bottom motor plate as well as a side mount plate that bolts to the side cover. got them unattached but when i go to try and use them, if i line up the bottom plate the side plate is almost a half inch away.

i have TAV plates that have only a side plate, and only a bottom plate. this has both... so do i just remove one? or should i worry about flex and reweld it in the correct place?

im guessing it was just on a motor with a thicker side cover.

also, if i use the motor plate alignment, i barely have enough crankshaft to put my TAV pulley on. im guessing i need to go with the side plate alignment...
yup but i got it. i just dont understand why i need so long of a shaft to use my tavs. the tecs that come off must be set over some from what im putting on it