1. M

    Top speed much lower after TAV install

    Predator 212 Stock w/ straight pipe and performance filter 420 chain with 54 tooth rear sprocket This TAV I recently added the TAV and my top speed went way down. Is this due to gearing? Do I need to go down in rear sprocket tooth count? I chatted with someone at OldMiniBikes and they have a...
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  5. B

    Tav 2 torque converter knockoff

    Can I run without a bronze bushing mine got chewed up
  6. Doc1976

    TAV 30 question

    got a TAV 30 converter to go on a tec 8 horse. my question is about the drive clutch installation. When assembled the splined hub is only on the crankshaft about 1/4 or so. Is this normal? The engine is brand new and the crank hasn't been cut short or anything. I just found it odd that it...
  7. minimotor

    New Comet TAV 2-30 Torque Converter

    condition: new New in box Comet Tav2-30 torque converter. Never used. 3/4 shaft, with 35 and 41 chain sprockets. $90.00, plus the ride.
  8. BajaRacer

    Please help! New TAV 2 knock off spec question.

    Ok I did as much searching as possible and all I found was a torque spec. How much do I tighten down the Jam nut on the driven? What should line up correctly in a static position ect? The torque spec I got was 14ft lb. but that was also on a GTC set up... I tightened it up enough to bring the...
  9. A

    Coleman CT200U 5/8" shaft TAV install

    Just completed a Chinese TAV install on a Coleman CT200U with a 5/8" crankshaft. Some say it can't be done, but I did it.
  10. B

    help w tav 2

    hello i have a tav 2 mounted to my predator hemi, my predator has had the governor removed... the front drive? engages just enough to get my scooter moving pretty good and its opening up halfway at best, the tav is pretty new, been riding bike around with it just hadnt opened it up during the...
  11. Sixpac440

    Dorothy needs a TAV, need help finding one to suit ...

    Here are some guidelines it has to meet ... Handle 9 to 15(?) HP Spin up to at least 6000 RPM, higher is better ... Driver needs to fit a 3/4" shaft Driven need to fit a 5/8" shaft 6" or 7" Driven is OK. The Center Distance is 7-5/8", the motor can move forward a 1/2"...
  12. noseoil

    TAV 30 bronze bushing?

    I've seen posts about the bronze bushing on a TAV setup. Recently I pulled mine apart to put the heat shroud back in place (Tucson, summer & very hot out now) after a few hours of break-in running. The bushing was missing, but it was already ground up into a fine dust & smeared along the inside...
  13. gbabins1

    TAV question

    I picked up a new TAV about a year from OldMiniBikes warehouse. They were pretty cheap so I grabbed one and it sat for about 1 year before I got around to using it. I put it on a few weeks ago and noticed right away the the driven unit has a slight wobble in it. At first I suspected the 3/4 jackshaft...
  14. Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  15. Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  16. Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  17. Z

    200 cc baja warrior to 270 cc with tav..

    I have a 200 cc baja warrior and I also have a 270 w/tav I was wanting to put in place of the 200cc. anybody done it??..
  18. Sixpac440

    This TAV was on my VT-7 ... what is it?

    Its symmetrical ... I expected it to be asymmetrical like the cat99 or 30 series ... It looks like a 20 series (?) .. what did they come with?
  19. Sprocket86

    Tav driven RED spring.

    Ordered a China knock off 30 series driven pulley from BMI karts as well as a Comet Yellow driven spring. I ordered the yellow spring under the assumption that the knock off driven would have the plain natural colored spring that seems to be even weaker then the Comet green spring. Upon...
  20. Sixpac440

    Kevlar TAV belts VS Genuine Comet Belts?

    I always buy genuine Comet belts. I need a 203590 and have found this in a Kevlar version .. Is this better than a genuine Comet? KEVLAR DRIVE BELT COMET BANDO 203590 MANCO 6959 ASW VECTOR HAMMERHEAD 9.110.018 | eBay