Tecumseh intakes

For some of us who try to run the 22mm mikuni it’s been a challenge to find/make flanges for intakes (at least for me) that are functional and fit the Hs50/40 block....so over the past few weeks I’ve been attempting to make a set that was a pretty good fit etc...well I think I made one that at least I’m happy with...so I delivered it to a guy here in my town that has a water jet business....long way around to the point but here it is...I’m making 2-3 intakes at different positions for myself and will have a couple extra sets flanges if there is any interest...I will post pics on Monday or Tuesday when I pick them up....3/16 mild steel...all you’ll need to do is weld a piece of pipe between them...if you want a complete welded up intake let me know....I’ll do only straight intakes for others...


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I just had a bunch cut too. What i did was to make them for the exhaust port of an HS50. but you can use the same flange for the intake, or on an HS40 intake or exhaust. that saved a lot or work and money, as only one flange design is needed for all my applications. just make sure you use the correct gasket for the port involved.


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These are the two i have cut. the one on the right is for the intake/exhaust of an HS50. They look really cool on that motor, as they mirror each other on the intake and exhaust ports. They are cut to the size of the exhaust port, but it works great for the intake too. When they are on the motor, they angle each other really nice for a good look.

the other flange (left) is for the 16mm to 22mm slide carbs that i use. And the 7/8" stainless steel pipe (below flanges) I buy in 6 foot lengths on ebay, and bend as needed for an intake or exhaust.

Mass does the same thing using Aluminum. I use these which are 3/16" thick steel.



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@Skipp I'd be interested in a set or at least an intake side for an hs50, when you get them. gotta make or buy an intake for a Dell for an hs50 build, I only have small flanges cut to match the small frame h and hs40's.



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Here's the generic flange i use on my motors. After you get the pipe welded (again i'm using 7/8" stainless), you can flap grind the flange (if you want), to get a more precise 'look'. but what i find is after they are welded and installed, that really becomes a moot point. Again this flange was really designed for an HS50 exhaust, but it works fine on intake/exhausts for either the HS40 or HS50. And i only have to pay to have one style flange cut, which helps a lot on the cost.

First is an HS40:

And on an HS50:
This would make a really cool slant intake like the one used on Rupps.
yes, I think there would be a small market for some of the guys that want to build a hot rod hs-40 or hs-50 for a rupp chassis. i found when trying to install a 22mm for my application/project https://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/hs-40-build.161335/
I needed to keep it in the factory spot. any other place something just got in the way or I would have to make the intake long and that would be no good for me. I end up going a much harder way that most peope wouldn't have the time or fab skills. rewelding the stock intake and porting it out and then making adapter for the 22mm mikuni.
bolt on intake for a mikuni would be slick to have for some of guys.