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I wanted to share this with everyone. They came in and offered a Student discount while I was in school. 30% as long as you were a registered student. I bought quit a few tools while I had the discount available. Everything is well made and carries a full replacement lifetime guarantee. All you have to do is submit a photo of the broken tool and they will send out a new replacement for no cost. I broke a very small drive bit working on an Ipad and sent in a pic showing the number on the bit and had a new one inside of a week. They offer single tools or sets that are a money saver.


One thing that I found and bought 2 of was their impact set for lug nuts. Comes in a small plastic case with metric and SAE sizes plus a proper short extension. https://www.tekton.com/1-2-inch-drive-6-point-impact-flip-socket-set-4950

Another handy kit is the 135 piece Everybit set. Anything you could want for those very odd Phone or Ipad style fasteners.


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I use their long needle nose pliers a bunch. The jaw faces are knurled, not coin-edged. It allows gripping at lots of angles a bit better. With fewer tool marks.
I own alot of their tools as well. I got the lug nut set you were talking about and i have the 135 piece everybit set too. There definitely a top choice for me. The quality to price ratio is unbeatable, as well as the fantastic customer service. I rounded a allen key out from wear and tear, they sent me a brand new set up them shipped to my door for free. Ive actually found tektons 3/8 drive allen sockets to be stronger than the USA craftsman equivalent. Found that out after snapping both of them


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I recently discovered Texton too. Bought one of their 3/8 rackets and I was really impressed by the quality. Their name sugguests an asian tool maker, but they are actualy out of Michigan. (The company, maybe not the tools)
They are good tools. I bought a bunch of them while my 30 percent Student discount was applicable. Equal to the old Craftsman tools that lasted forever. Todays Crapsmans are pretty much disposable... And they want a copy of a receipt to honor the Craftsman "Lifetime Warranty" now.