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I worked up the nerve to actually ride it a little more, after welding in some foot plates under the footpegs that extend in front of the loop of the frame, welded also to the bottom of the frame loop. I would have preferred tube loops that I've seen people do but that is beyond my pipe bending equipment capability. This wound up looking dorky(ier), so I will cut those down to the minimum that I really need. My wife took a video and she said it reminded her of the guy in the raincoat on the tricycle on Laugh-In*. Anyway, that video will never be posted on the Internet.

I think that it's geared a little low, I think it accelerates better than the last minibike I rode on (my storebought minibike of 45 years ago, with a 3.5hp Clinton) and I will probably use another gear that I set up for it with another chain. I can hardly wait to use gas above 16:1, it's pretty smoky. Maybe after this "tank"...does anyone think 25:1 is pushing it with good 2-cycle oil? 20:1?

*A TV comedy show from 50+ years ago.
i did post a picture of them on page 2 The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread | Page 2 | they where a goodyear tire and yes back in the day they where just a tire and rim that came together and where found more then likely off a hand cart or ?...
Thanks, I saw the picture of the wheel and tire you posted and it's the same as the ones on 19honda69 ( Dave) tom thumb that is at my shop right now, so I can study it and use it for reference for the one I am going to build. I've searched high and low for things those wheel and tires might have been used on, and I think I narrowed it down to bellhop luggage carts...