The site

Great job Boss. It is real good to have the site back and I am sure we will get used to it quickly.Didn't realize how much time I spent on the site till it was gone. Thanks for all your hard work.
The only problem I am having is I use my Ipad and Iphone and the little camera link to add the pics is a bit small. But the "my photos" on the bottom left of this screen does the same thing I think. Correct?.
I just added the "Attachments" feature, so if you have attached it to a thread before, but didnt upload it to the album.

You have the choice between "Attachments" & "Photopost Gallery"

Yes it does do the same thing as the icon.
I'm gonna take this one personally. You have NO idea how much time I put into this site to make it a nice place for dicks like you to bitch about how terrible it is that you get a free site to use for information, "comerse", and more.

Banned. :hammer:
I guess that explains why I can't send him a pm about the exhaust.