The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

Every so often a member on here will post up a cool old family photo….you know those old black and whites with the scalloped edges or the date imbedded on the bottom… the faded Polaroids...the dazzling Kodachrome shots....

Christmas morning…the old backyard…Mom, Dad and Sis….. I love looking at these old photographs, it takes me right back to when I was a kid in the 60's-70's…simpler times…good times when the family was still all together.

I'd like to see how many we can "paste" into the pages here. I don’t mean just a photo of an old mini-bike, the photo itself has to be old.

So dig out those old shoe boxes full of photos…the 3-ring binders with the faux leather cover and the "gold" embossed letters. If you find any amatuer photos taken somewhere around 1985 or before that have a mini-bike / trike in them or are somehow mini-bike related (no pictures of your First Communion or Bar Mitzvah.…or your Aunt Martha…unless of course she's riding a mini :rolleyes: ) and post 'em up here :thumbsup:

This is a thread I really hope will take off. I'm totally bummed that I have not been able to find any photos of my first mini-bike….but I saved the links to a few really cool ones that I spotted while searching the OldMiniBikes archives for other projects.…

OK, cue the sentimental violin music.......

from OldMiniBikes member tooljac

This is an original picture from Jack Spitler of him and his brother:

Jack Spitler: "This is a picture of What I now believe to be about the first minibike produced, Im driving and my brother is on the back, Was called a Doodle Bug sold by Western Auto, Our Dad bought this for us when I was 12 years old which would have been in 1946 Im 72 now and still have minibike's."

These are great!!!!
I have one of myself somewhere just cant find it.
I love the look on the kids faces you don't see that anymore???
You just don't see kids getting so excited about a video game???
Hell kids don't even get bicycles anymore let alone Minibikes.
The next few come from OldMiniBikes member olbriggs.....great stuff :thumbsup:

"My first mini, dad made the frame from some channel iron, I found the motor on an old reel mower, just got it running in this picture, dad was so happy that I figured out how to clean the points and that the flywheel nut had left handed threads, he grabbed the camera ":)