The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

Wanna say hi to everyone and let you know how much I have enjoyed the information on this forum.
I grew up in Memphis TN. In 1969 my father bought my older brother a 69 Rupp Scrambler and me a Sprint. (That's me on the Scrambler by myself) After a few years mine didn't run quite right so I let a friend talk me into letting him take the engine for him and his father to work on. Well they moved and I never saw him or my tec H35 again. The bike sat in the corner of my parents damp garage without a motor for the next 30 years until one day I decided to bring it to my house where it sat in my garage for 10 years. I now live just east of Memphis.

Then in fall of 2011 I decided to fix it up and buy a new motor so my 9 yr old daughter could ride it. Of course I found out that they no longer made the correct engine and that is how I wound up putting the ARC GX200 on it. It has way to much power for my daughter to ride so now I am looking for something more suitable for her. In the meantime I am having a blast with it. Unfortunately minibikes are not popular in this area any longer so there is no one to ride with. I know the purists among you will not approve of the clone motor. Other than that I have tried to keep the original integrety of the bike. It still has original paint, gas tank, all decals, fenders, chain guard and seat. No original parts were altered. Repro grips and throttle. I made a curved intake manifold to put the carb on top so it would not be in the way of the foot rest. Re jetted the carb as suggested. Runs great !! Anyway that's my story. Thanks for all the info that everyone provides on this forum.......Dooly

Great story. The bike looks awesome:thumbsup:
I got this photo recently from my daughter while visiting her and my son in Reno. The purpose of the trip was to deliver a Cat I'd just restored for my son's garage wall. This is him riding a Cat 300 circa 1980 when he was about age 6 or 7. Until I saw the photo, I didn't know it was a Cat, and only remembered it was orange and cost me $50.

Here is the restored Cat I delivered. It's as if one of life's many circles closed the loop-after 32 years, though it is a 250 instead of a 300. My son is now 38.
Wow! Cool how that all came together. What did your son think when he got the bike?
He is a very stoic person as a rule. There was a large family gathering at his house during this time, and he snuck off and rode that for quite a few miles. Came back with a smile. Keeps it in a spare bedroom.:wink: