TheRedlineBoss- Anything Goes build 2016 - Pocketbike Crossbreed


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Hey Rob, was just wondering if your rear sprocket was on a freewheel like mine. And if it was, how is it holding up to the extra torque?
Yep, mine has the freewheel and I had the sprocket custom sized to fit it. I had considered getting rid of it, but the tight timeline of the build gave me incentive to give it a chance, lol. I was concerned that the freewheel would have trouble with the Predator, but it hasn't shown any issues thus far.

As a side note, I will note the one downside to this setup is that the valve stem is a bit hard to get at behind the sprocket. However, that would've been a problem as long as I kept the sprocket on this side of the wheel.

Those are pocketbike style wheels, correct? I have a set they look almost identical.
Because of the freewheel I have been hesitant to use them
Good to know they are safe to use lol