1. Chain Linkin

    Mini Bike Racing Video - Summer 2016

  2. JustEnough

    Joe’s Minibike Reunion Saturday October 1, 2016 - La Crescenta CA

    Joe's Minibike Reunion 2016 » Welcome To Joe’s Minibike Reunion 2013 I am surprised that there was no mention yet. I am looking forward to seeing Mac, George3, Neck, Guardrail Dave and Evil Ed there, among others. The link says 2013, but the information looks good for 2016. Joe’s...
  3. Biffmini

    2016 AMA sept. cover

  4. Sixpac440

    What mini is on the OldMiniBikes 2016 Calender for September?

    Is that a Heald VT-1?
  5. gbabins1

    Lakeland Billetproof 2016

    Anyone planning on coming out to Billetproof | World's Least Important Car Shows this year? Oct 22 in Lakeland Florida :deal: We plan on going and bringing the kids. I have a few Clonanza's that are chomping at the bit :thumbsup::scooter::scooter:
  6. M

    2016 Windber raffle minibike what 2 do/discussion?

    Hi All, I, butcherbill (mini bike dad) won the 2016 Arco beautifully/totally restored minibike this year at the minibike reunion in Windber,Pa.I know,I know, I won two in 8 yrs.! I planned on surprising/giving it 2 my 15 yr. daughter. Well it did not go as planned, she wants nothing 2 do with...
  7. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop's Clean out the Garage Summer 2016

    Miscellaneous stuff to sell (All plus shipping and PayPal only): 1 pair of Sebacs--great chrome on springs but plastic piston sleeves are cracked--$20 1 pair Sebacs--chrome iffy on springs but plastic piston sleeves are great--$20 1 pair No-Name Shocks 11 1/2" eye-to-eye NEW came off the Lil...
  8. B

    LONG ISLAND NY Mini bike show and swap meet. July 23rd 2016

    Ghetto Neck Society MBC NY Chapter is having a mini bike show and swap meet to be held in Farmingdale NY on July 23rd from 9a.m. to 4 p.m. This is being put together so the enthusiasts can show their projects, buy and sell parts and just BS to old friends. THERE IS NO RIDING AT ALL...
  9. 73whitelighting

    Symco 125ft Clay Mini Bike drags Aug 13 2016

    Symco Hot Rod & Kustom Weekender. August 12-13. Mini Bike 125 ft Clay track at Symco WI. Go to the web site and sign up to work at the drags, get into the show Free.on line Mini Bike Drags registration coming soon..OldMiniBikes is our Big Mini Bike Sponsor, $50.00 coupon to the winner of each of the 5...
  10. mrpat

    OldMiniBikes Build Off - 2016 - Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners of the "OldMiniBikes Build Off - 2016"! You have earned bragging rights for the best builders in your class based on the polling of your peers. The voting is now closed and here are the results of the polls. In the "Anything Goes" class, congratulations to jeep2003...
  11. J

    2016 Minibike Reunion!!

    Made it the reunion again this year. Hopefully today's rain (Thursday) is it for the weekend. Be safe for all those that are here this weekend!!!
  12. mrpat

    2016 Oldminibikes Buildoff Finalists

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2016 OldMiniBikes Build off! You should all be very proud of your bikes, they are all real cool. It's been really fun to watch these things start from not much, to works of art. You people are what makes this forum such a neat place and brings people...
  13. PacMule

    Sins of Steel 2016 Davisburgh,MI.

    June 4th 2016 Rat Rods,Pinup Girls and Dirt Racing Minibikes!! Whos Going??
  14. 1970 indian jx-50. Mm5.italjet

    1970 indian jx-50. Mm5.italjet

    1970 Indian jx-50 running good .going to windber.1971 z50.cheeftah 1400
  15. Jamie1972

    2016 Windber rides

    Let's see your 2016 Windber parade and campground riders...!!
  16. aranhawaii

    Dirt Quake USA 2016

    Anyone else here racing their mini at Dirt Quake USA 2016 in WA?
  17. H

    White Knuckle Scramble 2016 - LAST ONE

    Yes, we've decided this will be the last one we do. Lots of reasons, but primarily because I'm moving out of state. The good news is that there is a big vintage kart event that same weekend in Quincy which means fewer karts and more minibike time on the track! I'm working on the website...
  18. bwherry1721

    Sportsman 700 Restore Update April 3, 2016

    Hello Restore project on my Sportsman 700 is going great. Now that the weather is heating up in Colorado we have almost completed our painting of the frame etc. Here is my prior post and here are the new pictures. Very excited as we are getting close to completing the restore...
  19. LSCustoms

    2016 May Mini Bike of the Month Entries (CLOSED)

    Please read the rules, entry/post example thread and any related sticky in the MBOTM forum, before making an entry. PLEASE MAKE YOUR ENTRY FOR THE MAY 2016 MINIBIKE OF THE MONTH, IN THIS THREAD Entries are being accepted, IN THIS THREAD, from now until April 25th at 1700 hours (5pm) PST...
  20. Briggster

    LSRU 2016, Who's going

    I haven't seen any posts on the LSRU April 8-9th in Austin Texas. I know half of Texas shows up... They had over 80 bikes show up during the two days.