Tilly 212?


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Nothing wrong with Coleman's!
I actually have been highly impressed with them. They are getting up there in price these days. The CT200U was 399 at walmart a 3 years ago, I think 699 now. I paid 749 for the BT200X in the spring! Obviously I like minibikes, and I want the kids to experience them too. My son has no interest by my youngest daughter is almost ready to start trying it out and I have a brand new CT100U in the crate down at my dad's ready for a maybe Easter, or maybe a little longer, depends if she gets a couple inches of growth. I want her to be able to full get down both feet (I feel this is important for confidence when starting out, as an experienced rider I have no need to get both feet on the ground or even 1 full foot)

It's funny because my son will ride all day with me, and when I set up the mini bike sled he will ride in the sled all day long and roll across the yard when I fling him out, but he refuses to actually try to ride a bike alone. Maybe one day! We all have our own likes/dislikes and 2 wheels just isn't one of his. Not going to force him to try it out.