Torque converter questions


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New to forum, hello just got a 1971 trail flute 400 MTD,it has a torque converter, it has a 3l8 wide V belt that seems way to thin for pulley or driver, would any one know what with belt to use, 5/8 or 3/4.also regular or the ones with the grooves?


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Have you rode or run the engine yet? If that is belt it came with it. Plus look at the driven and driver to see if it is flat on the engine side or v shaped.


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What brand of tc is it? Picture?
it stamped Fairbanks I think, it have four centrifical parts that swing outward, that on engine, the rear pulley looks to be symmetric, the belt works it just seams like it to thin and it sinks down on the back pulley. Not giving me the low end torque. It sinks down a inch or more,