Trail Horse 100 odd ball?

I picked up this original paint Trail Horse (I assume it's a 100) today. I have a 100 and when I got it I had done some research on it. I don't think I have ever seen one with the rear kickstand and a rear band brake. I thought all had the clutch brake and either no kickstand or a kickstand that is bolted to the motor plate. Tomorrow it's going to get a bath. I'll post more pictures then.


Not an oddball. I had two GTO 100 with band brake on the wheel and one had a kick stand on the rear. Actually finding a Trail Horse with the clutch brake is harder to come across.
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I agree with SimpleTom. Clutch brake is harder to find and from what I've learned on these they shipped these many different ways..Heck my 4 horse never had fenders, although the brochures show they did..That's a nice bike!!
Thanks for the compliments. Disassembled the entire bike and cleaned it today. It was pretty nasty. I have to order some new bearings since it's apart and a new neck bushing. The head badge cleaned up pretty good. There was a sticker that was covering part of it. 20161114_171702.jpg
I got most of it back together. I still need to put a different carb and air filter on it. I put a newer brake levers on for now because I don't have any spare cables with the smaller end. I robbed my seat of off my other trail horse and threw on a clutch cover that I bought from Tippy. Looks better already 20161115_141409.jpg