Use the correct size tool

I was too lazy to find the right size wrench to tighten the forks on my students Trail Horse before I painted it and the wrench slipped off and I punched myself in the nose. Stupid!!!
Oh Boo Hoo Scot! When you've drilled a hole through your finger like this one jerk I know.... then I'll feel sorry for Damned thing still hurts me once in a while. Ogy
Ahh, you bring back memories...flat on my back pulling for all I was worth on a pipe wrench. The jaws slipped and the handle punched me in the nose. Broken nose, blood, tears, dizzy...not a good day! 30 years later and I still can't hardly breath through my nose.
Ok, I will tell my D. A. story since the others told theirs...

My father had a Used Car lot from late 69 through late 87. Well when I was a teenager I got all the grunt work..... We had this big old cast iron case buffer that I ran 3 or 4 times a week buffing cars. I could make one shine like new money too. Well I would just lock the trigger ON.... Can you see where this is going??? I never tucked in my Tee shirt either. Can you see it yet.... Well I was getting it on this car and I leaned into the fender to reach the middle of the hood and then ran the buffer all the way back to the fender edge. Well the pad grabbed my shirt and proceeded to slap me in the nads with the handle.... I ended up on the floor in a wrestling match with that buffer locked in the on position. Finally got it stopped. Finally got up... eventually. I have tucked in my shirt ever since. 6'2'' and 245, 17 and whipped by the buffer...... Still have that buffer too.

OK that's my D. A. story...

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