1. JayPadilla

    Briggs Animal ID/Help??

    I picked up what I believe is a 2008 or so Briggs Animal FOR A STEAL. It seems to be in good shape. Can anyone confirm it for me the numbers on the Valve cover are: 124432 8001 01 010730FD Also, are parts interswappable with newer animals/WF? How safe is the Flywheel and rod on this engine...
  2. S

    Briggs Animal Whats the Highest Hp rating on them???

    Looking to build a Briggs animal and wondering what are the power rating on them, Planning to build from the ground up:scooter:
  3. S

    Animal carb spacer?

    Does anyone know if the Briggs animal carb spacer /intake manifold will bolt up to a subaru ex21? Or could someone with an animal please give me the measurements center to center of the bolt/stud spacing on the head? Thanks
  4. jaimenv

    Is this a B&S 8hp animal ?

    Got the engine from the scrap yard with a busted rod, apparently no damage to the block other than the topside oil filler/dip stick boss. It came with a splined short crank shaft attached to a gear reducer of sorts that was trashed in the inside. I am looking at replacing the crank with a...
  5. danford1

    Briggs Animal flywheel puller

    I'm working on a Briggs Animal engine. It has a PVL flywheel on it. It requires a simple puller like this one from Amazon. The problem is if I ordered it today it wouldn't arrive till Tuesday according to their web site. I would like to make one tomorrow and not wait 5 days for one. Does anyone...
  6. S

    briggs animal recoil starter

    I have a orange briggs animal thats set up for a kart electric starter i would like to set it up with a recoil starter to use on a mini bike....the briggs local option LO 206 has a recoil starter would these parts interchange?....if so which parts would i need and part #....also whats the...
  7. danford1

    Briggs Animal decals needed

    I have a Briggs Animal engine. I have the normal Briggs and Stratton decals, but I'm looking for an "Animal" decal. Who makes them and where do I get them? Thanks Danford1
  8. yalipito

    1.3 rockers in B&S animal

    Would there be any performance gain by installing 1.3 rockers and proper springs in an otherwise stock animal? Thanks
  9. trinik7597

    Briggs animal header

    Really nice staged animal pipe $30 shipped
  10. danford1

    Animal, 206 and WF questions

    I just bought a minibike with an Animal engine on it. The owner was telling me about "stuff" but I didn't follow everything he was saying. I know I have the blue coil. I think it was an addition, not stock. He talked about Animals, 206's, Jr 206's, World Formulas etc. I just started nodding my...
  11. james ackerman

    Briggs Animal.

    Selling a briggs animal with a little work done to it by trick connection racing. Bigger cam, bored .150 over has had carb work done by Jack the bear. Carb jetted for alcohol runs around 6500 to 7000 rpm at around 14hp. Motor comes with a new stock carb for gasoline and also a 12volt electric...
  12. yalipito

    Animal, WF, intek parts

    Parts for sale
  13. yalipito

    Briggs animal/ intek parts

    I have some animal/ intek/ WF parts for sale. I would like to sell as a package but am willing to separate. Animal pvl flywheel and coil, World formula rod (used), animal piston with rings (barely used) and an intek crank. $150 plus shipping takes it all. 20161020_200718.jpg Photo by...
  14. Not so mini bike

    Briggs animal engine

    For sale is the Briggs animal engine in pic. No header. Haven't tested but was told it runs. Any questions just ask. Price is $300 plus shipping
  15. S

    was the original Animal 305cc instead of 206cc ?

    I have a small PDF file of a magazine article in KARTING WORLD in 2008 describing the ANIMAL 305 and I cannot get it to upload. Today I see there are Vangard 305cc motors and I think they are the same block as the original racing Animal motor. There are still go kart racing engines that...
  16. trinik7597

    Briggs animal build

    This motor is for derekbmn not sure what it is going on ... Usually a Briggs racing motor would be good enough !! But nah we can't have that .. So it will be gone through and upgraded . head work , bigger cam , springs , etc So this is what we are starting with !! Start breaking...
  17. RideSF

    Briggs Animal throttle help

    I'm looking for where to get a 1" handle bar 1/4 turn throttle and I see that OldMiniBikes sells a throttle kit for this engine. Anybody put one on their mini bike? Thanks OldMiniBikes
  18. bikerboybenny8

    Iso briggs animal

    Buddy of mine found a briggs animal for 225$ not sure if ill get that lucky but id love to see if i can. Any info please message me!
  19. Full Throttle

    briggs animal 214624 piston

    Just recently purchased a briggs animal piston 214624 off eBay but can't seem to find the correct rings that fit this piston. Have googled piston no. but no results, like piston don't exist. I don't have any idea what ring set would work with this piston. So i'm asking , does anyone out there...
  20. 2SlickNick

    DB 30 rim & Animal Cam

    For sale :you pay shipping: -DB 30 front wheel good condition no bearings - $20 - Stock animal cam ( can be used in Briggs Intek 5.5hp - 6.5hp ) -$20 Will post pics later or can do via text too. PM me if interested.