Weekend before/after Rupp

Picked up this 71 Rupp Scrambler on Friday. First pIc was from the CL add. 2nd is from tonight. Fixed some hardware, rear rim and a few other things. It has a nice original h35 on it. Runs great! 00O0O_4TyxXwCfwXo_1200x900.jpg 20160717_183633.jpg
Thanks everyone for the compliments. A father and son "restored" it 5 years ago. The kid was into guitars now and wanted to sell it. They painted it the correct shade of green, and bought a lot of parts from Blackwidow MS. The CL pics were terrible the bike looked a different shade of green and the decals looked faded. It was on CL for over a month and it was only 5 min from me so I went to look at it. We came together on a price and I took it home. I spent some time putting correct hardware, relocating the springs, new tires ( I only had a set of rupp motocross not trials laying around). I put a non painted front fender and rim on it. Black licence plate holder, new seat cover, the swing arm bolt was to narrow. The front end had some play fixed that(washer in the wrong spot)and some other odds and ends . 4 hours worth of work and it looks like a completely new bike. 20160718_203630.jpg
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