what did I buy for $5?

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I figure the front fender or the frame detail at the head will identify it. There is a decal on the front of the fork under the handle bars but I have not tried to clean it yet. Somewhere there is what appears to be orange paint under the blue.
Nice $5 buy! Lots of potential. The fender looks as though it's made from one of those brackets that you use to hang a garden hose on the side of your house. I've made fenders that way before.
tyleryamaha, you were right, thanks. I got the head decal cleaned up. 20190509_141702.jpg
I set my 3HP Clinton in the frame after I found that the 5 1/2 is too tall to fit. The bolt pattern is right for the 3 so if I use it I will fill the extra slots someone has made in the frame for an engine swap at some point in it's life. 20190509_141038.jpg
I was given 4 brand new, but slightly dirty tires that are the right size for the bike this weekend so I will paint the wheels and install two tires tomorrow. 20190509_141048.jpg
The grips are "waffle" pattern and I like them. I wonder if they are original to the bike? The throttle side is incomplete. If I buy a new assembly, how hard would it be to switch off the new supplied grip and use what I have? I have sprayed some stuff under the one that's on there now, hoping to be able to drive it off after it soaks a while.
You couldn't get him down to $4 ?
Actually, I bought the mini-bike and a leaf bagger thing that goes behind a riding mower that has it's own 5HP Briggs & Stratton engine for $40. The seller figured 5 for the mini-bike and 35 for the bagger thing. I might resale the bagger and have nothing, or even less in the mini-bike. Or keep the 5HP Briggs off the bagger and use it on another mini-bike!
I probably could have talked him down some but didn't really try.
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I'm planning to attend an annual two day antique tractor/engine show close by here next weekend. There is always a lot of small engine stuff for sale there, sometimes even mini-bikes. I hope to find a gas tank for my Clinton that will work with the Cheeftah frame and maybe a clutch at least. I will be looking for anything else mini-bike (or Tote Gote) related.