what kind of briggs do i have? /starter question

i bought this briggs and stratton 3hp at a swap meet. i don't know much about about these engines and haven't seen this (older style?) type of starter before. i also am having trouble dating this engine.
the numbers on engine are 80231 0168 05 7003233
can anyone tell me more about what i have / what i'm missing on the starter/how it works?

It is rope start.
Tie knot on end of rope.
Place knot in slot on starter cup.
Wind rope clockwise onto starter cup 4-5 times or more if thin rope.
Pull rope to spin and (hopefully) start engine.
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That exposed starter rope cup is dangerous as hell. On a minibike it will be spinning right next to your leg/ankle. I would not use it unless you fit some kind of guard over it that flips up for starting than flips down to protect your leg after the engine is running.
That is a regular clockwise 3 HP 1970 Briggs. Threads are the same as the engines we have nowadays.

The older S models were reverse threads. I love the old 5 and 6 models. Easy to rebuild ~!~!