What size Comet belt fits a 1970 Rupp Roadster?


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I'm wrapping up my restoration on the 1970 Rupp Roadster. I had a Comet belt from another bike that I was under the impression would work. It's a Comet 200423a -- However, after placing it on my bike, it appears to be too large. After a bit of research, I read the 200423a is a little too big for a Rupp.

Does it use a 200419A? I read that somewhere, but wanted to confirm. I also read that a Gates 6061 belt fits too, and they're a little cheaper.

Can anyone confirm?

I think Blackwidowmotorsports has the number listed. I bought a belt from them for my Rupp last year and it worked perfect. Oh, Oh, I still might have the box, let me look.:thumbsup:


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that belt karen has is for a 1071-up 1970 is longer, supposedly the belt for the original TC88 is the same and sold as a replacement, comet part number 200421.


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Old thread i know. But what i've found is...
1971-1975 Rupp torque convert belt is Gates 6061.
1970 Rupp Roadster (longer belt and longer TC cover) belt is Comet (tc88 style) #200421 (Rupp part 15162).