1. Ministry Of Mud

    Very first Torque Converter belt wear?

    Seems to me the very first belt that comes with the torque converter will wear out faster than consequent ones? The pulleys are not smoothed out and mirror finish yet, or maybe the included belt is like the batteries that come with dollar store items? What I do know is that I have less grab...
  2. Comet belt 203792

    Comet belt 203792

    Comet belt for salsbury 500 twister
  3. S

    What is this mini bike with go power wheels & a 2 speed belt driven drivetrain

    Curious to find out what this is. The engine clutch is a dual pulley. the kick lever engages one of the two belts. The brake is an interesting set up as it has a belt wrapped around a pulley. any help would be appreciated
  4. E

    Comet Series 40 Belt size and removal question

    I'm wanting to remove this from my Super Bronc 2 VT-1040... I removed the bolt at the end of the engine drive shaft, but the drive 'clutch' isn't budging. Am I missing something? Do I need a grear puller or some other tool? Also, the belt that came on it is a NAPA 25-07800/24308 5/8" wide...
  5. M

    Heald super trike belt

    Hello All i have a Heald Super trike with an 11Hp Briggs and Stratton motor on it and i need a new belt. i have no clue what size since i did not get one with the trike and this trike does not have reverse. Please comment below what size belt. Thank you all.
  6. K

    Aircraft tires, dual disc brakes, belt clutch transmission; not a Cushman

    Hi! - Old Minibike members once helped me track down an old odd machine - turned out it was a plan/kit bike whose construction had me baffled. Some parts were very professional, while others were made with pliers and conduit. Thanks again for that one. This one, however, I present as a...
  7. M

    Modified T/C belt

    My Broncco Renegade uses a 5/8" symmetrical belt which seems to be made of unobtanium, the only belt I could find would creep because it was 3/4" wide and too short. What I tried was using an asymmetrical belt for a Manco(?) and drum sanding the angle so it resembled the symmetrical belt that...
  8. G

    NOS Comet series 40 clutch, belt, driven

    I have a new never used Comet series 40 torque converter with belt and driven pulley The 2speed jackshaft is not included in this sale but is offered n another post. More photos here: Prrice is $175.00 shipping from 90242...
  9. james ackerman

    Seeking comet belt # for heald vt5

    Does anyone have the correct comet belt number for the heald vt5.
  10. T

    Looking for Belt size

    Picked up a early 70's Speedway Scorpion mini. Missing the drive belt, Can someone help me with the size I need.
  11. T

    Need Toqure conv belt size

    Picked up a early 70's Speedway Scorpion mini.. missing belt.. Anyone know stock # or size?
  12. lostinbaja

    Herters Drive Belt?

    I'm in need of the part number for the drive belt for a Herters Mini Bike. I don't have a model name but here is a pic. I also need to know what model torque converter it originally came with.
  13. R

    Need new TC belt

    I have one of the chinese Tav 2 series 30 TC kits and need a replacement belt. I want to replace with a genuine comet belt. Does anyone have the correct comet part #? Thanks, Rick
  14. J

    Forall scooter belt guard

    Any know where to find a belt guard for a Forall scooter. I know its a longshot but thought i'd check. Thanks Ron
  15. K

    Is the belt too tight?

    As the title suggests I have purchased a Chinese torque converter and the belt seems fairly tight. It's hard to push the kart around with the belt attached. As you can see it is giving the Bush a hiding and that's only after about 15 minutes of riding.
  16. K

    How far up/down the drivers does your torque converter belt go?

    As the title says how far up/down does your belt go? I took mine for a run on Sunday and the belt only seems to go roughly 3/4 of its travel. But man I love its take off now. It'll do a wheel stand if it gets enough grip :laugh: But it only revs out to 3000 and doesn't use the full travel of...
  17. markus

    K&S Hornet/roadrunner Vplex good belt size or number???

    Working on getting the barn find Roadrunner back on the road, there is a belt on it, worn and maybe a little long. wondering if anyone has found a good replacement belt to use for them? I did a search, no luck, I did print out the Vplex sheet from mini doodle that delray posted up years ago...
  18. james ackerman

    Tc88 belt question.

    I have a Tc88 on my bike and I measured the old belt it is 5/8" thick and I'm getting 27 3/4" around the belt. I have a comet belt chart to look at but the closest measurement on the chart to what I'm getting off my old belt is 27 3/8". So my question is over time would it be possible for a 27...
  19. smwtnbndr

    HPE Muskin Scat-Tracker BELT HELP NEEDED

    Okay, this is the latest project. Everything on the torque converter and motor looks to be original. I am looking to replace the belt. It is a Horstman torque converter. Driver unit is 4 1/2" diameter. Driven is 7" diameter. This is a symmetrical unit. Belt reads CAT MINI BIKES HPE MUSKIN...
  20. M

    Tote Goat model 404 belt

    Working on a 1964 model 404 for a friend. I'm pretty sure the belt on it is not the correct size, as the clutch never disengages it. The clutch is clean and seems to work properly, and has a 3/4 inch width opening between the sheaves at the shaft. The belt that is on it now is .90 inches wide...