What's my bike worth?

Good afternoon,

I was just testing the waters to see what y'all thought my mini bike was worth. It's an early 70's Sears and Roebuck Runabout from what I can gather. It's complete with the frame, forks, rims, grips, kick stand, and scrub brake. No engine and it's missing the rear fender. Attached are a few pictures of it. I've blasted and painted the frame, fender, kickstand, and forks and it's ready for paint.




K guys I'm new to this world ... or is it this addiction or perhaps a curse! ;) but i gotta ask...

What is it? I've no clue... what makes it special?
Looks like sumffin I'd be all over, especially for $40 bucks he'll i might even go $50 bucks! Lol

My bad folks just read the whole post. Sorry i piped in.