Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

We made it to Johnstown.

What should have been a 2 hour trip took close to 4 thanks to my GPS ! It got us to the city limit after taking us on every small road between Butler and Johnstown.

It tried to route us under an under height bridge. We turned around and got on a bigger road then called @windberjeff .

He knew exactly where we were, and guided us in to town over the phone !

I'm ready to ride some mini bikes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Y'all travel safe.

Butler!!!! Wouldn't you just follow 422 East to 56 East, then into Windber? Yeah, I know. Easier said than done. We went to "Thunder in the Valley" in Johnstown, a few years ago. No problem getting there. GPS took us 40 miles out of our way, to get back home. Then again. I won't tell you about trying to find Manchester1's place.
The event was awesome as always. Thank you to Jeff and Dawn and the entire Mihalko family for all they do. This was the 22nd year of this event. I have met so many great members and people at this event over the years. Post some photos.
Here you go!