Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.


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We planned on attending this year; been there a few times and was a vendor a couple of times too. Just can't get time away. I am only about 40 miles from the Windber show. I was actually going to set-up to be a vendor again. We got a couple of bikes ready to go, a VT-7 Heald and 3 Tule Troopers, plus some other smaller frames and parts.
Tonight I am going to start to post most of the stuff in the For sale sections.

I thought I might be able to find the time to be there in person. Always had a good time, and Jeff's family was so gracious.
You guys have fun…going to be hotter than a three peckered billy goat….I’m heading west….where it will be cool, breezy and pleasant…HAHAHA! Say hey to my nephew…he’ll have the big green vt8….good guy….
I gotta load up again tomorrow.

Been over at Mariah's, camping in her backyard, since Sunday night...the kids got mini bikes all over the place.

We'll be getting them to help us reload our trailer, and load Mariah's truck !
We made it to Johnstown.

What should have been a 2 hour trip took close to 4 thanks to my GPS ! It got us to the city limit after taking us on every small road between Butler and Johnstown.

It tried to route us under an under height bridge. We turned around and got on a bigger road then called @windberjeff .

He knew exactly where we were, and guided us in to town over the phone !

I'm ready to ride some mini bikes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Y'all travel safe.