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    Sourcing for MB200 front forks

    they are the same I measured a Massimo at hudons ny.
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    So my wife went shopping and I want to ride my Speedway.

    it would be cool to drill the lid full of holes and somehow attach it. the 14" models are nice bikes.
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    *** Pennsylvania Manufactured Minibikes ***

    toyoco from Taiwan parts? were they where omb is now?
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    Big bad dog build.

    there might be some posts in the engines section, there is a Honda /clone section listed. I like the big tire model they have. I,m thinking of one with the tillotson with the lighting coil.
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    Speedway information

    I think tom earhart of rupp had something to do with morrow and speedway? there was also another person from rupp that designed the blue max sleds, ahead of their time.
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    A fun 4TH of July week ride on the CHI-COM

    how are the handlebars mounted?
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    coleman seats

    I sat on some new ex models and it feels like ill roll off the back of the seat. it bends over. I like the bt200 but cant find one to sit on before I order. do they sit like the ex. I'm used to the baja heat seat which is really comfortable but not supported well the plastic pan flexes.
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    heat spark plug

    whats a plug # for a baja heat with the stock engine. thank you
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    Spoke with Joe Deboever of CCS!!!

    are they safer to fold up.
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    Adding strong foot pegs?

    I don't trust any pegs welded to thin tubing. I laid a 1/2 tube across the top of the frame and clamped it to the frame with u-bolts. I don't like welding anything on this Chinese steel, you can create a brittle area.
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    Speedway mini bike resurrection

    what is involved to change the belt on one of these. I assume you must remove the secondary shaft.
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    I saw a Massimo in person today. it looked decent. I like it better than a bt200x. the rear axle tab on the coleman isn't very strong for an off road bike. the Massimo is a gusset type.
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    Check your frame(s)!

    I think they crack there from the leverage of the footpegs twisting the front downtubes, if you try to stand on the pegs. they are too far forward to begin with. I removed my pegs and clamped a tube on the brackets. its much stronger on top of the frame and strengthens the area.
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    Looking for a Good Mud/Trail Tire?

    I have one on the rear. I am putting one on the front before I ride this season. I think they handle the safest with the same tires . its on a baja heat.
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    Looking for a Good Mud/Trail Tire?

    I use the kenda scorpion works in all conditions and roads without any handling problems. like a dual sport tire.