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    Scatter Shield?

    Hmm.. that's not exactly what I had in mind.
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    Scatter Shield?

    Interesting. Do you have pictures?
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    Scatter Shield?

    For safety precautions has anyone here installed a scatter shield around their engine or under the seat just in case things go awry?
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    Biggest Motor in DB30????

    Might not be a mini bike then. Or you can put a Viper motor on a motorcycle instead. Oh wait, they already have that, it's called a Tomahawk. Tomahawk - Video
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    I want this thing! to cut the grass.

    I'd *SO* ride that. :laugh:
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    Biggest Motor in DB30????

    Anything can be done. :scooter:
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    Taller tires

    I was thinking, I really need to replace my back tire, it's getting pretty bald now, especially on the edges because I like to lean a lot into the corners. It would actually be nicer if the bike sat up just a few more inches, or even just an inch. I have scraped my foot pegs a few times and...
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    More Tires

    Hell they look good to me! But I am no expert. Looks like they'd have good traction on and off road. And since they are 2 ply they should hold up well. Are those the stock tire size?
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    So I went to the gym today..

    .. and when I was walking in I noticed chained up to the bike rack was a completely bone stock red Doodlebug. I thought to myself "damn, if I see that here more often, I am gonna have to chain mine up with the motor swap right next to it" hehe. If he only knew, that it could be much better...
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    Doodlebug Rear TIRE gone :(

    If the tread is good just plug it. Should work just fine for ya. If it's starting to go bald (like my rear tire), just replace it then.
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    how much did you spend on your db30 in total

    $150 for the bike $99 for the motor $100? or so for the install kit hell I don't remember.. So I guess near 300-350? Don't know the exact numbers.
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    any good crashes!?

    I wouldn't call this a "good" crash. But my father was riding his Harley and some young girl barely 16 with only a permit ran a red light and killed him. He was wearing his helmet. They decided to have the funeral on my 8th birth day. That was the worst birth day ever. You all be careful...
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    Wen Power 6.5 engine

    That would be more entertaining than it sitting in a box in the corner of the garage doing nothing, like it is now. :laugh:
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    help the noob please

    It's the same as the GX200 or the Honda 6.5/5.5 clone swap.
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    New Video --Doodlebug Kid Part II

    Peaceful, except the music. :scooter: