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    Max Torque Clutch Install on new 6.5 Clone

    I went with sprocket on the inside. When you put the engine on your frame, you'll see that you need it this way. Allows better placement of the engine Left/Right and better balance.
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    Best tires for db30

    Kenda Super Turf - saw these on one of ctmini's posts. These are the tires on the red bike in the photo below. Ordered them off ebay from atvmaster.
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    new handlebars for doodlebug

    See extra washers I used to snug-up the handlebar mount bolt to the frame bracket in photo:
  4. Handlebar Shim to fix vibrations

    Handlebar Shim to fix vibrations

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    new handlebars for doodlebug

    I had same problem until I put spacers (washers) on the handle bar mounting bolt to snug it to the frame. I could see it needed this because there was play up and down along the mount. Now, no more rattle, shimmy, or popping.
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    taking the clutch off of stock db30 motor

    Get a gear puller from Harbor Freight:
  7. his and hers db30's

    his and hers db30's

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    AGM Headers on the DB30

    Has anybody put an AGK header on their DB30 (w/ 6.5hp clone)? I'm wondering about clearnace with the straight, candycane, or other styles they sell. affordablegokarts: Straight Header, Single Stage
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    how can i make the doodlebug quieter

    try a new clutch; comets whine less than max torque; either kind have less dingaling than the stock clutch.
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    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    Instead of a flap wheel, I used a dremel sanding drum bit to open up the bore on the clutch just a smidge. Finally got this thing on the stock engine. I think I get about 10% more torque on the low-end during take-off with the new clutch. 11 teeth instead of 12. Also higher RPM engagement...
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    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    Just bought a dremel flap wheel, but it's too big to fit in the 5/8" shaft for this clutch. Will keep looking. Sucks a big one that I may end up buying $30 worth of hardware to get a $24 clutch on the bike.
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    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    no luck I sanded off the bore on the clutch, and still doesn't fit. lightly tapped it onto shaft with rubber mallet, and it goes on 1/64" at best. Feels like a lot of metal will have to be ground out of the clutch shaft to make this thing fit. Tried it on a 2nd stock engine shaft, and same...
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    New Harbor Freight 6.5 What's the deal?

    I put the #66015 on my DB, and it works great. Air filter housing is artificially oversized. Cosmetic differences, it would seem.
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    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    I'll try smoothing out any burrs on the inside of the clutch next.
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    New MaxTorque clutch won't fit on stock shaft

    I just got a Max Torque clutch (5/8") for the stock DB engine. The stock clutch slides nicely off the crankshaft, but the new clutch won't go on. Even with key removed from clutch, no go. Caliper shows shaft is 5/8" and clutch ID is 5/8". I tried sanding the crankshaft down, but still no...