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  • Hello Birthday Boy : I hope the days plan is to go out with Miss Viki and have one great big time and let the good times roll and roll and never stop.
    Steve Durham
    I was told you could hook me up with a gas tank for my rupp
    1971 roadster shoot me a pm if you can
    hey hent,
    my buddy told me to look ya up, im in need of some stuff,maybe you can help out ,
    if you could e-mail that would great ..
    thanks in advance..
    As you have read the Ventura race was great, and everyone got your stickers!!

    I am getting a friend request from a "zipminibike55" - it will not go away no matter what i do, I never heard of this member and he does not answer my PM's! Can you check it out, please?
    Everybody at the swapmeet day before yesterday agrees you should catch a quick flight to L.A. and be at Ventura Raceway with us this Saturday. The list of folks coming is growing, and includes many of the heavy hitters (Taco bill, Taco Joe, Shane of AGK, TomProps, and on and on!)
    Are the jack shaft gears that are for sale in the OMB Warehouse center cog or shoulder cog?
    Hey Hent, first off, Great Site. Second, for some reason I am not able to send Pm's to certain members every now and then. Could this be a result of something I did or are they just not showing u in my SENT mail?
    Hent - is there any way to get rid of this asshole Caper Crazy. He is a jerk, has f***ed up my Ventura Races thread and guys like him will ruin your cool site!!
    Hent, How does iTrader work? k-p garage bought my go kart, how would he leave feedback? Thannks, Shorty
    Hent - who knew or imagined last July when I joined OMB that this was going to become so important in my life! Manxter was quick and easy for signing up - today, I wish I was "Mini Bike Paul" see my post a few minutes ago "My Mini Bike X-Mas Present" (in General MiniBike Talk).

    So, is the change a big deal, do you even care, and do i just stop being Manxter and re sign up or can it be changed and retain the history??

    Thanks, and have a great 2010!!!
    thanks for the computer help last night , it was the cookies ,my wife fixed it , i,m mailing you a membership this week thanks . wayne
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