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    Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

    the drome is open to the public? Last time I was there was for Thunderdrome... My current bike is more set up for drag, but I'm looking to swap the engine into something more off-road friendly
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    Black Mamba Jr. vs Sr.

    with the 6" secondary, mine struggled to pull past 4500rpm, with the 7" secondary and 8/54 gearing with a 15" tire, things are better, still need to sort out the shifting, it launches hard then shifts too quickly. I made some changes but haven't gotten out to the track since.
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    Scratch built "Drag Bike"

    I've been bitten by the "bug" it seems. After building up a frame (poorly) modified by someone else, and getting some more speed out of it, I've decided to build my own frame before I try to go any faster. Originally I was planning to stay with my warmed over 212, then I entertained...
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    Your opinion on carb rumors

    I am running a PWK 24mm on my ~7000rpm build, very responsive. uses the chikuni jets as ole4 posted
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    Bikes on the Bricks - Flint, MI 9/7

    Looks like they will have 100' mini drags...Anyone going?
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    vent holes in frame?

    a lot of chassis fabricators will drill holes to relieve the pressure when welding tube junctions closed. the pressure will build and blow out your puddle just as you finish the weld...
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    Hacking a Hemi

    Even with stock engagement RPM it would wheelie. Its on a ~50" wheelbase DB30, no wheelie bar. So I roll on the throttle instead of whacking it open at the launch to keep it civilized. With the 12/54 gearing it it would launch, shift, then sit at 5400RPM for the rest of the run, went 49 MPH...
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    Come out all

    I wear a leather/textile perforated motorcycle jacket, jeans, armored gloves, and some sneakers. I brought boots, but they didn't say anything. A lot of guys on 60+ mph bikes still didn't have brakes and were dragging their feet at the top end... To be honest, a lot of clowns and BS at the...
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    Black Mamba Jr. vs Sr.

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking with the TAV, i could sacrifice some torque. I still have some tuning to do before throwing more parts at it. The head is “ported”, but stock size SS valves. For sure I would clay it before just stabbing the cam in as my clearance was close with my...
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    Black Mamba Jr. vs Sr.

    Has anyone done a comparison between the two? will I notice much difference? I have a mild Hemi build, and went with the Jr, but thinking the Sr might have a little more up top, and a little less torque to make riding more manageable. Stock rockers on the hemi, and don't have the P to V...
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    Hacking a Hemi

    Is it ok to resurrect your own zombie thread? It’s been a while, but bought a house in the meantime that has needed quite a bit of attention. Made it to the track with the rebuilt combo last night. I don’t have a place to really test, so I have to figure everything out at the track...
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    Come out all

    I plan to be there Friday. I doubt I will make the Telegraph cruise Saturday though, big mopar event at Norwalk this weekend...
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    Moe's Motovox drag mini.

    Heading out to Milan this Friday? Studz track rental.
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    Vegas Cart 460cc

    How serious is your build? I'm still undecided on how fast I'd like to go. Have to be pretty serious to be "fast" around here I'm hoping to keep the weight down a little, but my current stretched DB30 with a SB is 105lbs.
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    Vegas Cart 460cc

    Anyone use one of the builder kits? I am putting together plans to build a proper drag-type frame. The original plan was to build thr frame around my mild Predator Hemi that I built last year, but I feel I might need to go faster, and instead of building a more serious smallblock, I was...