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  • Hello Quickdraw : I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to let you know your right on schedule. It will happen again every year and you are powerless to stop it. LOL
    It's was a big pleasure to finally meet you there at the Funday, and you were all smiles and having a great time I have it in photo's. So go out and have some fun.
    Steve Durham
    Hey Jim, I see your going to Fun Day. I'm just finishing a Cat 250 with my son. Pretty sure I'm gonna make this one. We'll talk before then.
    Saw this on CL, you gotta be a fan.

    1972 Hodaka Wombat 125cc and 1972 Hodaka Ace 100cc
    Complete parts for both
    Ace with turn signel moduale
    Both have working lights
    Wombat has working tail light
    Had Wombat running for 4 hours oil pump went out, Mikuni makes oil pump, sot between 150 and 200
    Have keys
    No titles needed unless wanting to make street legal, no title has been made yet
    Given as a gift need fast cash to move, good projet, fun to ride
    $500 or best offer, Week to sell Interested offers only, Call Nik Kelly (317)531-2203
    I want $60.00 without any wheel or axle. I live in Portland, Oregon I checked the distance between the mount plates on my Bonanza BC1300 and it is 5 5/8 inch and on the Rogue Mark IV it measures 5 1/4 inch so it should fit OK and you might need to add a couple of thin washers.
    The Perris race has been moved up to November 20. Hope you can make it.
    If I get em before the weekend I'll be happy, if not I'll just have to deal with last place in victorville, who knows...I may get last with or with out them ha ha, will you going to vv on the 9th?
    No problem. They are really nice tires and you will love the beefy look and how much higher you sit. They will have wax on them from storage. I think he shipped parcel post and it took a while though. If you need them by next weekend, you better tell him to go UPS.
    Hey Jim,
    Do you still have the Aggie Bike. I am looking for one. 310 560 9898 or email: chris@sparkinggasket.com. Thanks.....chris
    Hello Hodaka I heard you going to make it out VV which would be cool since the promoter just called and said he would very happen with even 3-4 minibikes to show all the spectators what old minibikes are all about for the future races! i guess he,s expecting alot of people because of big car races both days.he said gates open around 3:30pm so we,ll be there between 2-3pm heres my #310-3284455 if you need any thing?
    Hey Jim. hows the hunt for a bonanza going ? what do you think of the one on ebay the orange one. i offered $325 for it last week. he had a buy it now of $450 at the time
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