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    mx 196 metal motorsports anyone have....

    Hey big spender, I'm thinking of picking one up as well, anybody have a pic or info?
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    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    anyone know? Even if you put a 6.5hp engine the rpms are still the same? Meaning the engine is more powerful but not necessarily faster at the top end?
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    doodlebug DB30 throttle

    My two cents...I have a daughter who would ride on the Doodlebug with me, it of course was very sluggish. I put on the Jackshaft and now it pulls myself and daughter around no problem, I also loosened the throttle screw to give it a bit more juice. I will wait until she is older before I start...
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    Thanks...appreciate the help
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    It's the stock Baja 97cc motor, I added the jackshaft and loosened the throttle screw to give it more power
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    Is it easy to clean the carb/ I had a guy do it begining of summer, would it be clogged already?
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    Thanks, I oiled it and the noise is gone. I'm finding as I open the throttle I'm finding the motor is stuttering, it's going but feels like it drops in and out of power, any suggestions? Does the jackshaft affect anything?
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    Thanks, Here is my clutch, is that normal wear? and is the bushing the long ring cylinder that slides on to the motor and should I oil inside it.
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    Bushing oiling with jackshaft

    I'm confused. Installed the jackshaft, it runs great , but now when I start it it makes a noise from the clutch area, I give it gas and it dies. So I'm thinking I have to oil the bushing, only thing is im confused where to oil. I popped the snap ring and have the clutch separated. The inner part...
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    Back Tire Wear

    Thanks everyone...ya, I've been riding on pavement, so I'm sure with the soft tires they are wearing quickly. Any suggestions on a good tire to get to replace it? Thanks
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    Back Tire Wear

    been riding around on my dirt bug with my daughter, I'm about 205lbs, add her about 40lbs...anyway there seems to be extreme wear on the left side of the back wheel, is that from the weight or is it rubbing against something I can't see, when I'm off the bike the wheel isn't touching anything...
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    Motovox Doodle

    It looks kinda cool...wouldn't mind getting one, something other than Baja, might be worth a try, especially if it's under 300 bucks. ANyone know if they sell'em in Canada
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    db 30 power?

    Just ordered a Jackshaft, waiting for it to I able to arrange different settings? How.
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    Bore Out Baja Dirt Bug Engine

    i'd like to keep the boys where they are...but if I loosen the spring a little can I get a bit more power, I also ordered the jackshaft, so between the two I should get something, before upgrading to a 6.5hp