1. Sears Super 2-Speed 19?

    Sears Super 2-Speed 19?

    Left side view
  2. Sears Super 2-Speed 19?

    Sears Super 2-Speed 19?

    Right side view
  3. 1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Mini Matic 2-speed Advertisement
  4. j57little

    2-Speed Jackshaft Wanted

    Looking for a two-speed jackshaft assembly. Needs to be clean and fully functional. Shaft diameter of 5/8" is best, and needs to be at least 8.5 inches long.
  5. jeep4me

    Comet 2-speed clutch

    Dual sprocket Comet clutch for sale. Good used condition. 3/4" bore, #35 sprockets. Pictures coming shortly. Asking $75 shipped. PayPal as a friend or include the fees.
  6. RCGuy

    Complete Comet 2-speed w/Jackshaft

    Works just fine,comes with 5/8" jackshaft. About 4 hours of use since bought new. Chains not included. About $300 worth of stuff, $200 shipped USPS ConUS.
  7. KustomKartKid

    NOS V-Plex 2-Speed Clutch Universal Fit....Vintage Cool !

    NOS V-Plex 2 speed clutch I have been saving for a project for years. Operates with a cable much like the early Heathkit bikes. I have only seen one other 2-Speed V-Plex unit which belongs to OldMiniBikes member Richtrix who reports it works great on his Tecumseh Powered Doodlebug...
  8. R

    Sears Roper 2-speed For Sale

    Sears/Roper mini bike with possibly the original 5hp tecumseh engine Has suspension front and rear, original seat,tank,2-speed jackshaft all in good condition, engine runs strong. 450.00 located in Kenosha WI call(262)914-9322
  9. creia

    Sears Roper 2-speed jackshaft box- GOT IT!!

    Some of you may remember that I placed a wanted ad a few months ago looking for one of these. I also scoured the internet including Ebay, unfortunately, there were none to be found, and I became a bit discouraged. I DID, however, have two valued OldMiniBikes members step up (almost simultaneously) and...
  10. creia

    Sears Roper 2-speed jackshaft mounting plate

    I am in need of the jackshaft mounting plate like in the photos below. I do not need any of the other 2-speed parts, just the metal mounting "box". I am hoping that someone has one to sell? Please PM me if you can help out. Thank you, Michael
  11. Mac

    Comet 2-speed 2nd gear (Clutch) NOS

    New Old Stock Comet second gear clutch. Nice part it you already have the rest of the parts to complete a two-speed jackshaft. Private Message (PM) me if interested. $80.00 Delivered.
  12. KustomKartKid

    NOS COMET 2-speed Clutch and Jackshaft

    ******SOLD****** NOS COMET 2-speed Clutch and Jackshaft. 40 year old mini bike accesory in pristine condition, still wrapped in the original rust inhibitor paper. Had this in a display case for a year waiting for the right project to come along...time for somebody to put it to good...
  13. Bikerscum

    Want to buy.... Lil Indian 2-speed parts

    From chainguard (small) to rear sprocket, or anything in between. Watcha got? :deal:
  14. 20120720_154231


  15. Sears Roper 2-Speed w/ 5HP Tec

    Sears Roper 2-Speed w/ 5HP Tec

  16. creia

    Sears Roper 2-speed jackshaft- A little help?

    I am looking for some guidance and advice from the Sears Roper "Gurus" out there (especially "jimh" and "markus")... I have searched and read every previous thread and photo ever posted about these on this forum and I believe that I have a complete 2 speed assembly, with all of the components...
  17. Yellowhand

    Comet 2-Speed Jackshaft w/ Max-Torque Clutch

    Comet 2-speed 5/8", 12" long #35 chain jackshaft with a Max-Torque dual sprocket 3/4", #35 clutch... Barely used, includes two D.I.D. blue chains, locking collars, high-speed bearings...and that's not rust on the low speed sprocket, they're 'browned' at the factory... $159 plus $11.65...
  18. jeep4me

    Comet 2-speed jackshaft and clutch

    I bought this 2-speed jackshaft assembly from Yellowhand for a show bike. I never used it, just installed it on the bike for the show. Now I'm looking to sell it. $150 shipped to the lower 48 states. I took Yellowhands pics and used them on this thread, they are way better than the ones...
  19. jeep4me

    Comet 2-speed jackshaft question

    Is there supposed to be some springs in the secondary clutch on the comet 2-speed jackshaft? The weights in the clutch I have are just "floating" in there and are not attached to each other. It looks like they should be attached by some sort of spring on either end of the weights. Any help...
  20. Mac

    Comet 2-Speed Jackshaft and Clutch

    Comet autoshift two-speed. The jackshaft is N.O.S. , 5/8" shaft 8¼" length. Comet clutch is used. Clutch bushing has some wear, but not much. Inside of clutch bell needs cleaning up. It should be good for quite awhile if oiled. $150.00 Delivered: . . The clutch teeth are really nice.