1. FunWithStuff

    Cat Handlebars HPE/Muskin

    Hello! I am looking for handlebars for a Cat mini bike. I've got a Duster MX I am trying to restore to look as original as possible and the handlebars that are on it now have really been messed with over time. I would like to get a set that hasn't had any welds, tweaks, or mods done to it. If...
  2. Steve73

    1970 cat 400x

    Picked up this sweet cat. Its a runner. Anyone have a proper chain guard for this that wouldn't mine letting go I would be very appreciative. I have a cat guard to a chopper with a slanted engine but not for this one... Enjoy the madness..
  3. bikebudy

    CAT 400X decal Set

    22.00 US for each set Shipped all decals on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  4. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

    So this will be my second bike for the build off but I will focus on this one more as I plan on doing a lot of fabrication to make it what I want. All though I am modifying this bike, I am not doing anything to it that can't be reversed by unbolting a few things. My plans for this bike are...
  5. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 Cat 400X - (Vintage Class)

    Been meaning to restore this bike for a while now....so glad the OldMiniBikes build off has finally come.... gonna start working on it tomorrow. I have everything to build this bike except an original throttle assembly and a rear fender, just in case anyone wants to sell me these parts to help with the...
  6. capguncowboy

    1969 Briggs 4hp engine (minibike correct), from a Cat 400x

    Has compression, haven't tested it to see if it runs or not. Paint isn't original, but it's in very nice shape. No rust. $250 obo plus shipping.
  7. B

    Cat 400x

  8. D

    69 cat 400X

    for sale 300.00 running bike has H35 458080A dom 03342 cd 0109 location Waterford mi, buyer must set up and pay shipping if needed.
  9. cattailhaas

    1969 cat 400x foot pegs

    Does anyone have an original 1969 cat 400x foot peg grip that they could send me some pictures and measurements of so I can recreate some for my bikes. These are the ones that fit the 1/2" solid shaft. Any help would be great, and I am willing to compensate you for your time and effort, thanks....
  10. Cat 400x seat

    Cat 400x seat

    Cat 400x seat
  11. Cat 400x seat

    Cat 400x seat

    Cat 400x seat
  12. cat 400x

    cat 400x

    Cat seat 400x
  13. cat 400x

    cat 400x

    Cat seat 400x
  14. B

    First post... Cat 400x

    https://youtu.be/ZolnYeGpQnw I ramble... But here's the whip
  15. 1

    Cat 400X seat

    Need Cat 400X seat measurements.
  16. alex eliminator

    Cat 400x bars

    I'm looking for cat 400x,eliminator bars. Also cat spring with cups. If anyone have anything laying around let me know thanks
  17. alex eliminator

    Cat eliminator, 400x roller

    Hi guys looking for a cat eliminator or 400x roller.
  18. huertagg

    Looking for Cat 400X Switch Plate

    Switch Plate and rear fender. If it comes with the switch, super awesome.
  19. pomfish

    New Cat 400X to my stable

    Picked this Cat 400x up this afternoon. The front forks have been sleeved and extended, they did a dandy job though. Running Vintage small block Briggs and good clutch brake. Serial number starts with 72 Needs back bearings and proper tires but wouldn't you know I have Good Cat wheels/tires with...
  20. S

    Hello, new to the site 70 Artic cat 400x

    My brother just gave me this Artic Cat he had in his garage for the last 12 years. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I didn't know he had this and I and very Excited to get it running. The engine is free and the only thing I think that is missing is the clutch/chain guard.Carburetor needs...