1. Heepster97

    Help! I'm new and need advice !

    I am I contact with a guy that has a Tote Goat for sale. He is asking $550. I know these can be a beast of a mini bike but is it worth all the hassle with the extra sprockets, bearings, chains and such or am I better off with say a Coleman CT200U-ex and do a predator 212 swap. I weigh 280 so I'm...
  2. tote gote 600

    tote gote 600

  3. Sport King Eric

    Wanted aTote gote side screen 600 series

    This is a long shot guys, but I'm looking for a sided screen for a 706 tote gote.. its the same as the 600 series if you have one and want to sell please contact me.. pictured is the Screen I need..
  4. T

    I think it's a 600

    I think we've got a Model 600 here. We are restoring it back to the yellow and hopefully original condition. not sure what belt size we need or if it's a Model A or B. Any and all help is appreciated.
  5. 125ccCrazy

    600 hp minibike

    wholly mackerel !!!! https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/mcy/5995704310.html
  6. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Question on Lil Indian Model 600 seat

    Posting here to get the widest audience for a response. Manchester and I are going back and forth on the seat for my build-off bike. We think I have an extra cross brace on the bike that was probably added and the original is gone. We are trying to figure out the correct length for the Model 600...
  7. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    Thanks to the OldMiniBikes Community for again hosting this year's Build-Off. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in last year's event and look forward to seeing the progress of entrants this year. Special thanks to mrpat and Cheezy1 for again serving as moderators, as they do a great job and offer humor...
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB: Lil Indian Model 600 Jack Shaft Plate

    My search for the last remaining part continues. PM'd several sources and have struck out. If you have a "spare" Model 600 jackshaft plate/assembly, pm me if you're interested in letting it go. Repop or original.
  9. R

    Tote Gote 600? And B&S Motor Identification?

    Greetings! I believe that I have a Tote Gote 600. My grandpa bought it in Utah in the late 60's (?). It looks like it has been repainted and I can't find any serial number or model number on the frame. I'm trying to identify the motor. I had it running last year but the recoil mechanism broke...

    Lil Indian 2 SPEED Trans Original Driven Clutch model 600,6000

    Up for sale is a Rare used Lil Indian Original 13 Tooth Driven Clutch that go's on the jack shaft Teeth are in excellent not worn condition.This is a Fairbanks Morse Clutch and is next to impossible to find! Missing the 2 springs that hold the shoes in place.They were misplaced and at this point...
  11. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  12. Michrina First Test

    Michrina First Test

    Regis Michrina testing the first model 600 2 speed lil indian mini bike.
  13. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    Serial Number 1025 = 1963
  14. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  15. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  16. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025
  17. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025
  18. 1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Mini Matic 2-speed Advertisement
  19. markus

    Lil Indian 600

    Gonna start on a slightly custom lil indian. Was on the hunt for a Tecumseh/mid 69-up frame but couldn't find one so I found this 67-68 600 as a roller and just bought it to work with. I didnt want to deal with the 2 speed stuff but it did come with the fat 10.5 tires that look alot meaner on...
  20. nds1968

    Lil' Indian 2 speed model 600

    I posted this up Lil Indian 2 Speed Model 600 Mini Bike Minibike Includes Clutch Cover | eBay I wanted to do a nice restoration but things aren't going right with the build so maybe someone will want it more than me. Let me know if you have any questions.