6.5 clone

  1. L.skynrd

    Gas is leaking into oil.

    Hello guys. I have a 6.5hp Honda clone from a "Baja Warrior" bike. The oil is full of gasoline, causing it to misfire, and not idle properly. I have checked the float bowl in the carburetor to make sure that the needle for the valve is seated properly. Nothing seems to be wrong with the Floater...
  2. L.skynrd

    Honda 6.5hp Clone stalls out

    Hello guys. I recently bought a baja warrior of marketplace, and I am trying to get the engine running a bit better. The problem I am having, is that is stalls out at low rpms, so I constantly need to rev it in order to keep it going. It stalls mostly when I apply the brakes and come to a...
  3. Chain Linkin

    Looking for some dyno charts/tables

    Hello everyone. We all know how to calculate top speed of our minis (if not, there are calculators online to help). As fun as that is, it isn't really useful unless you're on the salt flats... I am working on a project that (will hopefully) be able to calculate acceleration and top...
  4. C

    WANTED: Doodlebug w/ 6.5 hp clone

    Want it ready to ride around $300 if possible. In the north east Texas / north west louisiana area Thank you!
  5. Heavystones

    Not old, not a doodle... outsider. Rat Rod Mini Baja

    Hey hey. Love the site. Have spent numerous hours reading posts and looking at photos. Big thanks to those that run and participate on the site. Bought a 2006 Mini Baja w 6.5hp clone. Looked at pics (mostly on google) and read threads on many sites. Ordered parts. Celebrated their arrival...
  6. M

    Custom Manco Go Kart Build

    Newbie, wanted to document my custom go kart build. I am starting with a Manco Terminator Two-seater. I plan to powdercoat the frame flat black and the rims and flywheel cover will be candy red. I am using a 6.5 Harbor Freight Greyhound engine. The engine will be slightly modified with Uni...
  7. gbabins1

    HF 6.5 hp engines in New Port Richey Florida

    The Harbor Freight in New Port Richey Florida still has 15 blue cones in stock.... just in case any body is local and looking for them. They had 20 , but I took 5 of them :freakout:
  8. midwestkustomz

    my son Nathan's 1968 bird update

    Here is a video to show how it look it when purchased it & throughout the build & the engine swap. The first pic/"still" is the sellers photos "as purchased" Enjoy, I know Nathan really loves the bird after the install of the 6.5 clone :thumbsup: YouTube - 1968 Bird Mini Bike Briggs...