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    This is the after photo. I restored these two. They were rusty and crusty when I bought them, together.
  2. day_one (2).JPG

    day_one (2).JPG

    I had a Benelli Dynamo as a kid (~1976) and stumbled upon this pair on facebook marketplace, while not knowingly, that I was looking for mini bikes. This is how COVID exposure affected me. I had to have them! Hauled them both home in the trunk of a Honda Civic.
  3. T

    Help ID Benelli Dynamo cc and model

    Hi guys, First post here. Just bought a Benelli Dynamo tonight but unsure on year, model and engine size. I think it is a Dynamo Compact Woods bike, 65cc or 50cc but not sure. Any help or tips would be appreciated. thx Bob
  4. J

    Lost Benelli Toolkit

    I rode my Benelli Volcano yesterday and the cap came off the tool kit holder. The original toolkit fell out and is long gone. Totally gutted. Anyone out there know of anyone that has one for sale or where I may find one? Jeremy
  5. J

    Benelli Volcano Tool Kit

    Hello. Lost the toolkit out of my Benelli Volcano. Anybody out there know the whereabouts of a replacement one? Jeremy
  6. B

    Benelli Volcano Stinger Pipe

    Does anyone know a Volcano owner that has a optional stinger pipe? Would like some advise. I have seen a gold one on this forum that has one
  7. Ding Ding

    Benelli Volcano

    1970 benelli valcano 180cc mini bike | eBay
  8. J

    Benelli Volcano Advice

    anybody know how the gas tank on a Benelli Volcano is attached to the frame at the rear? Thanks Jeremy
  9. J

    Benelli Volcano Tank Fitting

    Does anybody know how the fuel tank is fixed to a Benelli Volcano? I have just bought one and it looks like some sort of strap is missing that attaches the tank at the rear to part of the frame? Any advise or a photo would be great. Thanks Jeremy
  10. nds1968


    Not mine
  11. smudvapor

    Benelli Compact

    When I was a kid I believe that I had a 1969 Benelli Compact mini bike. It was a four speed with a 50cc engine in it. I had forgotten all about it and believe it or not I remembered it over the weekend after having a conversation with my wife. I would like to find one to restore. If anyone...
  12. CandyBandit

    Mini bike collection 10 bikes

    Hello everybody! My wisdom teeth have been coming in and crushing my molars. Just went to the dentist the other day and it's going to cost a lot of money. I'm 30, I can collect more bikes, but my teeth need to be dealt with now. I'm negotiable on my prices. Thanks for looking...
  13. Benelli Buzzer

    Benelli Buzzer

    Benelli Buzzer
  14. gammatg

    Benelli Volcano on CL

    Just browsing Erie Pa. craigslist noticed this. Rare bike.
  15. K

    benelli mini bike motor swap

    has anyone ever put a modern engine in a vintage benelli mini bike frame. a buddy wants to know
  16. K

    benelli mini bike engine replacement

    a buddy got a benelli mini bike frame without a motor. has anyone adapted a newer pit bike engine into 1. please help
  17. ugmold

    Craigs List, Benelli Mini Bike

    Just saw this and thought I'd post (not mine) A little elbow grease... Benelli Mini Bike
  18. nds1968

    1970 Benelli

    Not mine
  19. thejoker

    Benelli ski

    $40 plus shipping or I can bring it to windber.
  20. capguncowboy

    Benelli Buzzer in Boone, NC $700

    It's not mine, but it's sweet Up for sale is a very rare 1973 Benelli Buzzer mini bike. It is 100% original and the only thing missing is the cover to the light switch. It has a few scratches and a little bit of rust in areas but otherwise...