1. Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    A rare and unusual 2wd prototype Bonham Tote Gote motorcycle which appeared on eBay July 2019. It is a "partial restoration" in the sellers words, and does not appear to be %100 complete...but mostly there and a good candidate for a real restoration. From the auction listing description: "1959...
  2. M

    Mini Gote - ACRMX Northeast Vintage Motocross

    First pic success..!!
  3. george3

    Bonham Collegiate

    This is the first time I seen one of these in Ca. I am sure there around but I never saw one.
  4. Havasu Dave

    Couple of Bonham Tote Gote Questions

    In reference to the Nova 680: The original throttle used a slotted mechanism. I have scoured the internet and found a couple of blurry photos, and a parts diagram. I am still not able to completely grasp the concept and the parts required. I know there is a slanted slide with a barrel and...
  5. RobertC

    1959 Bonham Tote Goat

    Hey Folks, Ran accross a craigslist add that I thought may be of interest to some of you.. 1959 Bonham Tote Goat...just outside Charlotte NC. (the link below get's it's title from the craigslist add) I don't know if it is rare or not, and given that it has a non original engine, i am not...
  6. L

    Bonham 670 Nova tote gote questions

    Hello, New to the site. I just pulled a Bonhan Nova 670 out of my grandfathers shed that I plan on restoring. Used to ride these things in the mountains on fishing trips in the 70's until the laws changed and it was outlawed :angry: The last time this one was used was about 1979 and it has...
  7. nigel

    bonham tote goat?

    I picked this up on craiglist for 125 with both brakes and running 2 horse, not sure what model.
  8. tote goat

    tote goat

    bonham tote goat
  9. My TOTEGOTE 404

    My TOTEGOTE 404

  10. My TOTEGOTE 404

    My TOTEGOTE 404

    Serial #1970 Model #404
  11. totegotes

    Tote gote & clutch

    Check out the TOTE GOTE and TOTE GOTE clutch on ebay. 250882648428 CLUTCH 250882650779 TOTE GOTE
  12. Frank Davis

    Bonham Dune Gote roller

    This is an early (70's) Bonham "Dune Gote" three wheeled mini trike....these were made by the same company as the Tote Gote.....These are very rare....This example has the original frame, wheels, forks, fiberglass body, differential, dual band brakes, regulator, battery box and axle...
  13. Frank Davis

    Bonham Dune Gote

    Can anyone tell me the year this trike was mfg?.....It is a Bonham Dune Gote model DG, SN 310 (info on I.D.tag).....Thanks.
  14. dw1973

    Tote Gote Bonham Climb Away Clutch wanted

    Looking for a good working Bonham Climb Away clutch and drive train parts to make a Tote Gote 770 original. E-mail me direct at Thanks!
  15. totegotes

    Bonham Tote Gote model 414

    This is a Bonham Tote Gote model 414. It is in great condition. The chains, rear tire, and handle bar grips are new. The paint is newish. It does have some small scratches on it from storage. It has both side screens and are in great condition. The brake lever is new along with the brake and...
  16. totegotes

    Bonham TOTE GOTE Collegiate 4 sale

    I have this Bonham TOTE GOTE Collegiate I need to sale. I need more room in the shed for other projects. It is in perfect running condition. The paint does have some small scratches in it from storage but nothing bad. It has a new throttle cable and new brake band. New foot peg covers and...
  17. X

    Bonham dune gote

    Hi everybody, I have been asking around for information about the Bonham Dune Gote. The only information I found is Tote gote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia does anybody have any information about this machine? Here are some pictures of it. It has been painted but it did say dune gote on the...