1. markus

    "like a BOSS"

    If your not a Lonely Island fan you probably have no idea what I am talking about :laugh: I am refering to the bling bling on the headtube Ride that bike like a BOSS! Lil Indian Mini Bike Motorcycle | eBay I dig the seat, Were the OGK grips common to the earlier Ruttmans? Thought they...
  2. kd0asx

    Shin San Tong Boss 80

    Does anyone know anything about this kind of bike? It's sitting at an antique shop near here. I don't know what they want for it. If it's reasonable enough, and the price is right, and the engine isn't locked up, I might take a shot at it. It won't let me upload a shot of the full bike, says my...
  3. Early 1970 CCS Charger Trail Boss Barn Find

    Early 1970 CCS Charger Trail Boss Barn Find

  4. turftech 1

    It does a dad's heart proud, (son shooting the SKS like a boss)

    We went shooting yesterday. I took some 240 frames/sec vids. I know some of you are into shooting. Check it out.
  5. manchester1

    HAPPY BIRHTDAY to the "BIG" boss, "VIKI"

    Wishing you a happy birthday. Hope you have a great day.:thumbsup: Thank you for everything you do for us mini bike maniacs. :happybday::happybday:
  6. minibikin'

    Happy Birthday Boss!

    :biggrin:you old bitch...:anon.sml::happybday::drinkup:

    Happy Birthday Boss

    Happy Birthday Boss - thanks for everything you do for us:thumbsup: I'm early but away next week for a day or two
  8. trail boss mini bike

    trail boss mini bike

  9. trail boss mini bike

    trail boss mini bike

  10. trail boss

    trail boss

  11. trail boss

    trail boss

  12. trail boss

    trail boss

  13. Newoldstock

    Made my boss blush.

    Just a few more days to go before Xmas. So Last week I thought ,maybe I should canvas the crew to get our boss a little something. He has been a very good boss this year. He was good to his men, and ladies. Did not swear much as me ( taught me some wonderful new words in Hungarian I like...
  14. T

    1970 Yankee Boss

    1970 Yankee Boss located in N Dighton MA. $900. Will ship. Serious buyers can PM for phone number.
  15. ratrod1313

    1971 sierra trail boss 6x6 craigslist

    1971 sierra trail boss 6x6 craigslist ft wayne, in. 1971 Sierra Trail Boss 6X6 Amphibious
  16. fistfullabar

    boss mini bike

    anyone ever saw a boss mini bike and not the yankee boss
  17. oldfatguy

    Cheeftah boss

    Vintage Cheeftah Boss Minibike | eBay a real nice survivor in NJ, I'm not sure if the engine is original or not but the rest is real nice and complete
  18. Peekster

    Yankee Boss

    Picked this up this weekend. Any info on them?
  19. 5

    Mini Boss Hoss !!!!

    Ride the Machine: Small fun, big power: Pocket Bike with a V-type 8 cylinder Water-Cooled Engine.
  20. minibikedude

    Is this a Yankee Boss of some sort.

    I ran across this on Detroit craigslist. Is it a Yankee Boss of some sort.