1. Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

    Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

  2. Jamie1972

    Rupp rat catalog brochure and wanted

    Hello, I am looking for this Rupp rat catalog brochure or at least a copy if possible please.
  3. markus

    1969 Tecumseh mini bike advertising brochure

    Heres something cool, Its the 1969 brochure for the mini bike engines :thumbsup: Shows a few things to help keep you in check if your shooting for a period correct vibe on your bike as you get an idea of what was being used prior to 1970. some notables on the 1969 and older Tecumseh's...

    F.S Ruttman Brochure

    For sale I have a nice copy of a Rare Ruttman foldout Brochure.This is probably the hardest to find Brochure Ruttman had.Shows all their bikes,Go Kart and some accessories from the mid 70's.The original I had many years ago sold for over $100.00,showing the rari ty of this item!This is an...
  5. Sport King Eric

    WTB El Burro Sales brochure..

    I'm looking for an original Elburro Sales brochure like the one pictured or anything El burro related.. Please message me if you have any elburro advertising
  6. boatguy

    Little Indian Brochure 1970

    Just picked up a Little Indian Blazer in Ann Arbor this weekend. Anyone have a 1970 brochure that I could get or a copy of it. I also have a 1970 Little Indian Chopper. Thanks.
  7. Eliminator

    Central Cycle Supply CCS Super Charger photos, ads or brochure shots wanted...

    Anybody have any good photos, ads or brochure shots of the Super Charger mini made by Central Cycle Supply of South Bend Indiana? I see one CCS super charger photo in the photos section and one ad that doesn't show it too good.It's the model with 10" spoked wheels, torque converter and funky...
  8. Sport King Eric

    El burro sales brochure

    I would like an el burro sales brochure if you have one you would like to sell Im or call me 586-980-7711
  9. Bikerscum

    ONLY 12 HOURS LEFT... Lil Indian brochure...

    Only $119! Vintage 'Lil' Indian Minibike 1971 8 Color Pages Catalog "Original" | eBay Free shipping!!!
  10. KustomKartKid

    Original HillCat Mark II and Mark III Tandem Axle Brochure

    Hard to find brochure...HillCat II mini bike.. Flipside has Hillcat III Tandem rear axle bike. Nice addition to your original paper colloction, doubt you'll see another. $20 shipped
  11. T

    Dune Cat manual TriCart brochure

    Original Dune Cat Assembly Operating Instructions and Parts manual. Good Cond $40 shipped.Original Sperry Rand TriCart brochure. 8pgs all color. Folds out. Good cond. Small water stain on cover and 3pgs. $25 shipped. $50 for both.
  12. slywilliez

    FS MINT bonanza BC1500sh brochure

    For sale is a perfect Bonanza BC1500sh brochure. This ad is really hard to find and was never stamped on the backside of the dealer. Don't miss out. 30 shipped.
  13. trailhopper

    Fox brochure 1967 gokarts

    For the kart guys. Enjoy. :thumbsup:
  14. trailhopper

    Fox brochure 1967 minibikes

    Nave not seen all of this brochure loaded here so here goes. Gonna split this up between the mini bikes and I'll also post a kart section. Enjoy. :thumbsup:
  15. 1968 Taco Minibike Brochure

    1968 Taco Minibike Brochure

  16. Fat Boy

    Member Wanted Bonanza Minibuggy Brochure

    A member PMed me about a copy of my brochure and I lost your PM . Please contact me again I have them ready .
  17. YOOP

    The Official VINTAGE "More than two wheels" ad and brochure thread

    trailhopper posted some cool rupp ads today so i thought we need a new thread for vintage "more then two wheels thread" ads and brochures let's see what everyone has
  18. f150tilt

    Gilson Sales brochure ebay auction

    I bid on a gilson brochure on Ebay a couple weeks ago week and was outbid. I was wondering if someone here won it and could scan the spec page since I cant quite read it on the picture. One of them is the model I have. If you did please PM me... Thanks
  19. bayareaburrito

    Powell Brochure