1. B

    rolling chassis

    hi guys im posting this on behalf of a friend, he's looking for a rolling chassis something like a baja warrior or similar size, we are in the southeast new mexico west texas area, anybody got one for sale hit me up with some pics
  2. Sprocket86

    Vintage rolling chassis

    I'm on the hunt for my next project and I have a strong desire for a clean mostly original rolling chassis. I'm not to particular on the brand or manufacture, as long as it's from the heyday and was either built in the USA or Canada. I'd like a mini that uses a jackshaft or a 2 speed set up...
  3. Daniel Coop

    New Roper project rolling chassis

    Another nice find here locally through a club brother in Denver. I scooped up this nice Sears Roper rolling chassis. It's mostly there, the frame is clean, with no cracks bends or re-welds. Slightly takes the sting outta losing a near mint Cat 400 by an hour, but then I saw it on this very...
  4. myjunk

    1968 and 1969 Rupp rolling chassis

    $400 for the pair located in northern Michigan. Please pm me if you have any questions
  5. myjunk

    Moto Skeeter Rolling chassis 550, 650 $75

    Well, kind of a rolling chassis, everything you see in the picture. I think it goes to a 1972 550 or 650. I live in the northern part of Michigan, but do have a friend in Flint, so if you aren't in a hurry I can get it that far. $75
  6. U

    1970 "tony-Pony by Couparral (rolling chassis)

    I have a 1970 Tony-Pony frame and original wheels and tires (rolling chassis). Previous own had done some light painting over. nothing that can't be brought back to original color. Seat is in beautiful condition with no rips or tears. Notice the photo of seat shows a divot due to something...
  7. Joe-405

    Big tire drag chassis

    Wanting to buy a nice jr. dragster rear tired drag chassis. I sold my other one and want to upgrade for the newfound power ! And thanks.
  8. myjunk

    Ruttman Spyder mini bike rolling chassis

    I'm told this is a Ruttman Spyder. What you see in the picture is what you get, it looks to have very nice rims that should clean up nicely. The front forks or maybe the handlebars look to be a little squeehawed. The frame doesn't have any welds or cracks that I am aware of, just about 5 coats...
  9. myjunk

    Little Gen rolling chassis $150

    I have an older little Gen mini bike rolling chassis. It is of course missing the engine, but does still have the chain guard, headlight , fenders and wheels. It has seen some use as well as some welding on the frame. Look the pictures over and send me a pm if you are interested. This must be...
  10. B

    WTB: chopper mini bike rolling chassis

    WTB: chopper mini bike rolling chassis or complete bike. Looking for: Powerdyne "Rail" Cat Slingshot/ Dominator/ X3 Wacki Chopper Trail Horse chopper OR???????????????????????????????????? Thanks.
  11. Cubenzo

    LH Oval Kart chassis wanted.

    We have a track at my work. Sick of flagging.. need a chassis! new old.. roller.. just frame? pick up in mid michigan
  12. Y

    nitro 44 roller chassis

    What are your thoughts and opinions of the nitro 44 roller chassis? I've had a mini bike for years but now I want to build a mini drag bike. I'm in the process of building my first motor. It'll be a nice but mild flathead. I want to use this chassis as my motor building skills grow. What do you...
  13. S

    1971 Honda CT70H rolling chassis

    Selling a 1971 Honda CT70h. This is the rare 4 speed model. It came to me with a 3 speed motor in it so I build another 3 speed bike with the motor since I had a 3 speed chassis. $450 and I'm located in Doon IA
  14. outlaw fab shop

    2014 outlaw fab shop/pro chassis minibike

    2014 build with about 20 passes on it…. 650 polaris triple triple motor and drive (122 hp) wilwood brakes hoosier 15x7-8 slick with douglas wheel aluminum fuel cell RACE READY TURN KEY!!! $2800 or best offer posting for owner bryan -313-932-9156 detroit area on c/l under...
  15. V

    Need fat tire rolling chassis

    Please send pm, Thanks
  16. KustomKartKid

    Found The Perfect Mini Bike Chassis Grease......

    It's Caltex for me! Caltex (Australian ad) 1961 - YouTube
  17. W

    trying to make a bike out of two scrap chassis

    i got my hands on two bikes that were going to the bin. one is a Mini Moto and the other a Midi Moto witch is slightly bigger. i have a honda gx120 that was gavin to me, the engine was used in a power washer witch the pump had given up. if all goes to plan and i get the bike up and running i...
  18. SteelheadBen

    Wanted: Rolling Chassis

    looking to buy a rolling chassis. Must have tires and wheels. Doesnt matter what it is. Tires must be in good shape. Let me know. I am in the Erie, PA area.
  19. SteelheadBen

    Rolling Chassis

    in the market for a chassis... found this. Its got tires and frame but i cant see a jackshaft. But its cheap. $15 cheap.. I got a honda gx160 motor collecting dust. i cant ask how much its worth.. but i think i can ask for an oppinion before i purchase.. what do you think? Keep in...
  20. M

    Rolling chassis for sale

    For sale: Rolling old school mini bike chassis. Unknown maker. Will post pix soon, unit has front and rear suspension (working) has the 12" seat rail brackets mounted to the rear shocks, and they pivot on the front seat rail mounts (no seat) has the handle bars (no controls) and good 8"...